Join the French Miracle tour on an incredible musical journey with two of France’s up and coming acts premiering in Australia exclusively for the Adelaide French Festival. Close your eyes, open your mind and tune in to the kaleidoscopic sounds of the Midnight Revolution: their pulsing rhythms, swirling guitars and soft melodies blend together to create an impossibly dark, psych-rock sound. A blend of melancholy pop and psychedelic indie, Ladylike Lily will guide you on a journey to the border of imagination and reality. Lose yourself in a mind-blowing trip led by these masters of cool. Check out the interview with Ladylike Lily.

Welcome to Adelaide, how much are you looking forward to the Adelaide French Festival?
Thank you for having me ! I am super happy to be invited to the Festival ! I didn’t know that Australian audiences are French music lovers. I think it’s a great opportunity to share our different cultures. I’m very excited about that. Plus it’s a wonderful way to put my first foot on Australian land. This is my very first time and I’m really delighted.

What did you think about the concept when they offered being a part of it to you?Honestly I was a bit surprised at first because my last album is in French but I am conscious that Australian people are involved in French culture. I think it’s a great idea and I’m very proud to come and present Brittany. I have spent most of my life there and this land inspires me so much. If you get the chance to come and visit one day, you definitively have to go. It’s a gorgeous place with a lot of history. Association and culture there is really important, and the people are so nice.

How would you describe your music to someone who is coming along to the show?
Well first you have to know that I’m a singer and guitarist. At first my compositions were very close to the Folk tradition. Now after my different albums and tours I propose something more in between. People say it has depth, it’s melancholy, really intimate, light and powerful at the same time. I’ll let you choose 😉

Who is your biggest musical influence and why?
They are so many possibilities of answers when you love music, and you listen to different artists depending on the time of your life. I would say that I will never get bored of listening to Hildegard Von Bingen. She is a great inspiration for me and her music connects you in a very spiritual dimension. I know Camille (who is also playing in Adelaide at So Frenchy So Chic) refers to HVB as a major influence. She is like a timeless priestess.

Do you think your sound has changed much between releases?
Of course my songs changed. Composing music is really close to what you live. If you meet new people, if you listen to other music, if you travel, if you get inspired by life in general, your music has to change. It’s a movement and I consider that as a very sain process.

If you listen and watch the video clips of my first release On My Own EP you’ll see that it was very folk influenced but I still play my old songs on stage with a different way of playing guitar, or singing it. I love to see it evolving through the years.

Teaming up with The Midnight Revolution, how did that come about?
Honestly I don’t really know but I guess the musical programmers of the Festival have listened to our music, and they decided to make us play at the same time. I don’t know them yet but it’s a great opportunity to discovers new music and people. I’m really happy about that.

Are there plans for a new album this year?
Absolutely ! I am about to release my first album-book for children. I have written a story for the little one and I composed 15 songs and a book a 30 pages illustrations. That’s the very first time in my life that I also did the visuals and I was so excited about it !

We start our France tour with a show where there will be scenery, settings, shadows that I create on stage. I can’t wait for it to begin, and there’s a big tour waiting for us in France.

What’s the next musical challenge you have your eyes set on?
Definitively this one ! Proposing a creation to the little ones was something I was dreaming to do for year. I decided last year that it was the perfect timing in my career to try this new adventure. I wasn’t realising at the beginning that it could go so far, and that you could found a media book of my work in every libraries and music stores . Echoes is the name of the show and also the album and will be released on the 1st of March. I hardly sleep at night because I’m too excited about this ! Or maybe it’s jet lag …

Interview by Rob Lyon

Be sure to catch Ladylike Lily and The Midnight Revolution at the Space Theatre on Sunday 13 January at 7pm. Tickets from the Adelaide French Festival… 

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