Twenty One Pilots @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide 10/12/2018

Incredible! Really incredible! Unbelievably incredible!

I’ve never really paid much attention to Twenty One Pilots up until now but maybe I should of with show being right up there as one of this year’s best. Adelaide has been well and truly been spoilt with awesome shows hitting town and Twenty Pilots join that company. This highly talented duo of singer and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph and gun drummer Josh Dun pulled out all stops and every trick in the book wowing the Adelaide crowd. Twenty One Pilots really do defy labels and being able to be put neatly in a box. No doubt this is part of the attraction as they are like nothing else out there at the minute. Their fanatical supporter base is staunchly loyal to the point of camping out from 9pm the night before to get the best vantage point down the front which is an honourable accolade.

The production for this show was top shelf looking like some industrial wasteland with this awesome flaming car wreck combined with lights, smoke and confetti shows for full effect. The crowd was whipped up in to a frenzy with the first two songs off Trench by way of Jumpsuit and Levitate followed by Fairly Local off Blurryface. It was an awesome trick to see the first of many theatrics with what appeared to be singer Tyler Jospeh wrapped up in a black sheet to later reappear upstairs in the stand. With a brief interlude it was on with Stressed Out and Heathens.

Tyler Joseph asked the crowd how they were and that they would be giving everything they’ve got giving a show in return. Both Joseph and Dun fed off this energy clearly evident on songs such as We Don’t Believe What’s On TV and on Tyler’s count of 1, 2, 3 the crowed boomed back with ‘Yeah, Yeah’. With the crowd hanging off every word and every note it must have been great seeing the fans singing these songs back to them. The Judge and Lane Boy were impressive so to was the relatively new single Nico And The Niners. When Tyler spoke he made it count as the music did plenty of talking.

Taxi Cab was described as their most important and oldest song on the set list, the first song that he put a rap in. There was a moment of reflection and thanks where Tyler said it was a dream come true to be on a plane flying to Australia to be here tonight. Neon Gravestones and Pet Cheetah were great inclusions. It was awesome watching Dun do a backflip off the piano during Holding On To You. Again, Tyler asked with there was “still something in you” as they were not done by any stretch. Fans were given an assignment which involved talking to someone which then on Dun’s cue they had to jump up on that person’s shoulders, it was quite a sight.

It was an epic run home to the finish with the absolute banger My Blood followed by Morph which saw Dun held up on a temporary drum kit which was held up over the crowd. Holy shit! Car Radio was a brilliant closer which saw Tyler take a run to the back of the venue and climb a small tower taking the action to the fans at the back. Fans went crazy whipping out their phones to get a photo up close. The crowd weren’t done chanting “One More Song, One More Song” and they got two more. Leave The City was fantastic to which Tyler remarked “you made it my friends” with an implied promise they would be back sometime soon leaving Adelaide on Trees. To our Eastern states friends get cracking and buy a ticket to this show, fantastico!

Live Review by Rob Lyon

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