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Melbourne based psych-pop band, Royston Vasie have released their highly anticipated single Leaver. The four-piece have returned with, Leaver a rousingly uplifting and eloquently relaxed track which is a perfect backdrop for our approaching summer. The song implores the listener’s attention via its breathtaking harmonies, daring rhythms, and altered state instrumentals. Leaver is Chris Isaak’s surf-psych Wicked Games of 2018 – sans the romance and world-class voice. Sometimes it seems the longer you leave it, the better it gets. Check out the Q&A with the band.

Was it an exciting time leading up to the release of Leaver?
Releasing any song to the world always has a strange element to it, like your giving away something that you’ve treasured for a long time. But after a 4 year release hiatus, the band were really pumped to release both of our latest singles, Leaver and Dream On.

Can you believe how much work goes into the release of a single?
It’s heaps of works! Even though we’ve called in some help for this release, there’s still heaps of stuff to prepare like single artwork, awkward press photo shoots, updating our bio, music video… not to mention actually recording, mixing and mastering the music.

What’s the story behind the single?
It’s a look into indecision and procrastination and how it leads to ruing of lost opportunity. It’s that whole you’re cooked if you do, cooked if you don’t paradox.

How would you describe it sonically?
Chris Isaak’s surf-psych Wicked Games of 2018 plus the mellotron and minus the ill-fated romance and world class singing voice.

How did the band get together?
Cam, Leigh and Brad grew up together in the outer east of Melbourne and played in lots of different bands growing up. Cam got a few participation awards playing footy out there too. Cam and Leigh started singing and playing guitar together and Leigh’s brother Brad joined in on bass. Pat came onto the scene in 2010 bragging how cultured he was, i.e. “my big Italian family makes pasta sauce every year”. So he replaced the band’s drum machine and we’ve been writing songs and playing live ever since.

What are the shared influences of the band?
We’re all massive Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dandy Warhols and Black Rebel fans, but recently we’ve been channelling the beach boys and a mix of 80’s bands from The Smiths to The Sunny Boys.

What did you think when you played back Leaver for the first time?
Leaver wasn’t quite finished prior to heading into the studio so we had no idea how it was going to turn out once recorded. We certainly didn’t expect it to have any affinity to Chris Isaak.

Are there plans to tour around the country more broadly?
Absolutely! After our first Melbourne show for a few years at The Curtin on 26th October, we can’t wait to hit the road to Perth and Sydney. We also have plans to play some regional shows in early 2019 and a few more capital cities to support the release of our third LP, Colour Springs From All The Gloomy Things.

What’s next for Royston Vasie?
Releasing and touring our third album and getting back into the studio for album number four in 2019.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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