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Following the success of their 2017 album PERMANENT VACATION, Sydney duo Lime Cordiale have released their new single Following Fools which is out now. Following Fools was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. He talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. A lot of talk goes on amongst men. Young boys are constantly rehearsing their talk, searching for gratification and acceptance. It’s up to the older men to steer them in the right direction and not leave them confused and in the dark. This song is about the responsibility of these older males. Honesty, love and acceptance. The band answer some questions about their new single.

Congratulations on the single, how stoked are you with how it turned out?
We were in love with the demo, which is dangerous because you can end up hating the end result. But it turned out better than that so we’ve gotta be stoked.

After a successful album Permanent Vacation did you feel pressure to step things up again?
Permanent Vacation was probably the first time we felt comfortable with how things were progressing in the studio. Now with this comfortability, we’ve felt the freedom to get edgy and push boundaries on this new album. So I’d say we’re feeling a sense of freedom rather than pressure. We’re just doing what we want now. Trying our best not to cater for anyone else.

What was it about Tim Winton’s article that influenced you to write a song about it?
It was our Mum that forwarded the article to us and we both read in the morning, before finishing this song. When it came to writing lyrics, the topic was still fresh on the mind. It’s always a bit daunting trying to tackle an “issue” but this article connected with us and Tim’s writing is so poetic that it just felt right to put into song form.

Did you think the single would be so deep lyrically?
Tim Winton’s words just resonated with us. He grew up on the beaches of the West Coast and we grew up on the East. We felt like it was a topic that we wanted to help push forward in our own way. I think the song works as a song without having to understand what it’s about. I like to let listeners have their own interpretation on a song, whether it’s political or not.

Is there an album or EP on the way and how is that progressing?
Album numero two! We’re over halfway, that’s all I can say!

With what you’re working on now compared to your previous album do you think you’ve changed much sonically?
Well we’re working with the same producer, Dave Hammer, but he’s incredibly open to trying new sounds and getting weird. If Louis and I asked to record a flushing toilet, he’d probably be keen to try it out. That really helps… having someone that doesn’t say “no”.

Do you love being in the studio or is it a test of your resolve?
I like changing environments. Going to the same old studio everyday can get a bit stale. We try book different rooms here and there for different elements, like doing drums somewhere else, or finding somewhere we can set up twenty different synths. Keeps us excited. Heading into the studio feels like an adventure and less like a day job.

Is there a summer tour locked?
The “Dirt Cheap” tour has already kicked off. It’s a twenty seven date tour around Australia so don’t try to book us in for anything. We’re busy. Can’t wait.

What’s next for Lime Cordiale?
I’ve got my heart set on touring Europe. We’ve never toured there before and I don’t really care if we have a fan base over there or not. We’ve gotta create holidays for ourselves seeing as we don’t have time for them if we don’t. Finishing album number two and touring as much as possible is all we’re concentrating on at the moment.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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