Polish Club, Wing Defence, Young Franco @ Fat Controller, Adelaide 22/11/2018

Fat controllers third birthday kicks off with a blast on a Thursday night. Hosting Young Franco, Wing defence and Polish club, the tour is in support of Polish clubs new single Clarity.

Wish I could say something about Sydney producer Young Franco but the venue seem to confuse start times, when I turned up ten minutes after door’s open to find Wing defence already playing, I was a bit confused as to what was going down, none the less wing defence was having a lot of fun the Adelaide duo (playing  as a five piece live) bring an element of fun to some indie pop rock tunes that had me tapping my feet along at the very first listen, singing about their everyday lives and the trials and tribulations that  every person faces. Songs like Stuck, blended well with some more broody and deeper sound of Weapons. Wing defence was a nice light-hearted and chilled start to the evening.

When Polish Club hit the stage, the crowd surged with an eagerness filling the air. It’s amazing just how loud and full a two-piece can sound when two people are owning their instruments the way these guys do! Mix this with a voice reminiscent of an old blues boy from down south, that has soul with an underlying strain and emotion, David Novak’s vocals are solid clean and strong as he croons with everything he’s got.

A mix of new and old tracks from the three releases so far, the pace was frenetic at the start Novak indicating he wanted to play another fast one and then another, but I’m not sure when they really slow down as John-Henry Pajack’s drums are belted with the disdain. Some fun banter in between tunes really bought the crowd alive and created something that is not always easy to obtain in a small venue, such as Fat Controller, connection and engagement with a sense of energy! With the limited numbers they can pack in, it’s basement club dark and mysterious, it would be easy to get lost in a corner and sit back to watch but the tight crowd push forward as hits like Give Me Money current single Clarity and rollicking my house lifted the energy in the air.

Polish club have a sense of maturity in their energetic and tight moments, Novak and Pajak intimately in tune with each other’s energy and mindset.

Looking forward to more to come from this lively Sydney duo!

Live Review by Peter Young

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