Fozzy @ The Gov, Adelaide 13/11/2018

Hard rock titan Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy literally blew the roof off The Gov when they came to town. This show had everything and more! It was an awesome production with kick arse songs, killer production and throw in a die hard fanatical crowd. The vibe was great and turbo charged all the way. The crowd were chanting “Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy!” repeatedly and when the great man Chris Jericho yelled over the microphone “Are you ready for Fozzy!” that literally threw the crowd in to hyper drive.

Straight out the blocks with Judas and Drink With Jesus the crowd were excitable and continued the Fozzy chant between songs. It wasn’t a big crowd but they made more than enough noise as if it was a big crowd. Next it was One Crazed Anarchist and Sin And Bones with Jericho commenting that it was great to be back after five years with this being one of their best tours and the band was having a blast. It was a quick poll to see who had bought the new album and Jericho said if you haven’t just lie which resulted in a resounding yes from the crowd.

Burn Me Out was freaking awesome and even Jericho said “holy shit that was fun”. It was so loud my ears were copping a hell of a pounding but it was worth it. Another big hit from the album Painless was great and so to was Jericho’s jacket which lit up before Spider In Mouth. The smoke gun came out for Do You Wanna Start A War and from left field they pulled off a cover of ABBA’s SOS. Lights Go Out and Wolves At Bay kept the momentum going. Jericho spoke about the couple of days they had in Adelaide dining at the renowned La Trattoria. After Enemy the crowd were chanting and Jericho promised another cover this time by a well known Australian band, he teased the crowd with Air Supply then tearing it up with AC/DC’s T.N.T.

There was the story about the whole phenomena about an encore, going off, waiting for the crowd to cheer before coming back Jericho held position and a towel over his head simulating the whole charade of an encore. Teasing the crowd by lifting it slightly and getting the crowd to respond. Eventually, it was Sandpaper that finished the show off followed by the crowding chanting “Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy! Oi! Oi! Oi!”. The band loved it! It was a great night and let’s a hope it’s not five years before a return visit.

Live Review by Rob Lyon

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