DREAMS “No One Defeats Us”

Dreams is the latest collaboration between Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson/ Empire of the Sun), now you can’t get much higher up the food chain in Australian music than these two guys, they’ve come together to form an electro rock outfit that seems to have limitless potential.

Their debut release No One Defeats Us mashes a broad mix of modern electro and 90s house vibes mixed with a few little twists. Johns and Steele are clearly prolific writers (stating that they had three albums worth of material to choose from before settling on this sound), and both having worldwide success in their own right, this duo is polished and have put forth a diverse album that has highs and lows, at times taking me back to a 90’s rave (“Movies”), at others conjuring up a sound of the future with a modernised production.

There’s a distinct rhythmic beat that seems to be holding the sound together (even though each song is standing alone) showing these two music virtuoso’s pushing the boundaries of their broad musical talents. With the endless ideas sometimes, it’s the simpler moments like Love To Live that are the closest reminders of the sounds that have come before (especially Steele).

The title track No One Defeats Us Instantly caught my attention and shows that some musicians have a unique ability to put forward quality original music, that shows influences ranging across decades of different genres allowing them freedom to play to their unique strengths. It’s like a mantra for these two, they continually re-emerge into the music scene with different collaborators and sounds, their writing continually developing with the use and experimentation of technology.

The rock, pop meets electro sounds seem to mesh into a whole new world of opportunities for Johns and Steele to express themselves. clearly these two have an ability to support each other’s ideas adding to each other’s vision. It has produced a highly danceable and engaging debut that is hopefully just a taste of what’s to come from two of Australia’s most prolific recording artists.

Album Review by Peter Young

DREAMS - No One Defeats Us

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