Even, Sons Of Zoku @ Jive, Adelaide 28/9/2018

It’s always a good night when the legends from Even are in town and this night was no different. I absolutely love this band and they seemed right at home playing at Jive as Ash Naylor commented that they have had some big nights, medium nights and you might end up getting tatts at 4am anywhere you don’t get stabbed! Ash called a press conference to end speculation about Wally’s black eye! The plot thickens!

This tour is about launching their new album Satin Returns and boy oh boy it is a cracker. It only seemed fitting to open with The Opener followed by two more newies by way of Victoria and Little Piece. Stupid Dream was great and Ash posed the thought “picture this sitting in Nick launay’s Volvo listening to the mix of this giving it the double thumbs up” proceeding to play Stop And Go Man. Ash said this was the best version they played on tour and that it must of been the back story. Another new tune with Jet Black and Ash commented how much fun it was to pretend they were in Kiss for two minutes.

A couple of set staples with Shining Star and Sunshine Comes went down a treat. It was a break with tradition as The Trafalgars normally support Even in Adelaide but this time it was the Sons Of Zoku who opened proceedings brilliantly and worth checking out again. Ash said they would be asking Sons Of Zoku to support them in Europe which is an awesome compliment. Rhys Trafalgar (aka DJ Rhys) made a few guest cameos on guitar throughout the night and who knows, we might be looking at the unofficial fourth member of Even.

Out Of The Woods was tops and Wally asked what’s the curfew as the band was up for a long one reminiscing of a twenty eight song set they played at this venue some time ago. After this one Ash did say “if only my ego would allow another guitarist on stage for the rest of the set”. Indian Ocean is a stunning song and has plenty of charm and majestic qualities. Back to some more familiar tunes with Coming Back To Earth and Life Gets In The Way before getting back in to some new songs in Pretender and the epic ten minute beast Return To Stardust.

Ash said they were more punk than Green Day commenting on the long breaks between songs to tune his guitar, being more DIY, as their regular guitar tech was on tour with The Church. Black Umbrella was sensational and a breaking of the script saw an audience request of a rarely played live Even gem Two Stones getting the nod. Don’t Wait was a superb way to top off the main set.

The encore blew my mind it was that good. Rock and Roll Save My Life is one of my favourite Even songs but to see it morph in to Eternal Teen from Less Is More and Watching My Door (from Come Again) was like wow! My mind is still blown! Brilliant show and let’s hope Even can bring their Christmas show to Adelaide at the end of the year.

Live Review by Rob Lyon

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