Moose Blood, Hundredth, After Change, Larsen @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide 1/9/2018

People may not buy records anymore, preferring the digital aspect of downloading, however there is one thing bands do now probably better than ever before, that’s put on a line up of multiple and exceptional bands. Tonight’s line up is no different. We have two of Adelaide finest up and comers, a band from the US making waves and one of the UK’s cutting edge bands all in one venue tonight. Now that’s class.

First up is local boys Larsen, on at the unholy time of 6:50. The four piece wear their influences on their sleeves, that doesn’t mean though they are copycats, although they do excellent justice to Silverchair’s Freak they are their own band. They are bass heavy which compliments Sam Massacci’s guitar work. They close with the awesome Burdens, which is equal parts punk, grunge and metal. So a little something for everyone.

Next up is After Change, who have been working hard on their new EP, as well as touring the country. In fact, in a few weeks they will be supporting Young Lions to continue their upward progression. It’s unfair to call the band pop punk, with Daniel Richards on vocals, though they’re a highlight of the night. They’re energetic, enthused and relentless, a pace matched by a crowd digging what they had. The set list sprinkles in new, Built To Break, with older tracks yet the momentum doesn’t slow down, including most recent video, a cover of The Killers, Smile Like You Mean It.

There has been a lot of hype around Americans Hundredth for a while, yet this was this reviewers first time seeing them. My first reaction, as vocalist Chadwick Johnson takes the stage hooded and hidden away, is that they have a Smith’s vibe to them, something further supported by the band actually covering the Manchester bands How Soon Is Now later in the set.

The set starts with quite a melancholy feel, without the energy their studio songs gives them until Hole with its big drums and great riff, steps up. Suffer meanwhile has that amazing hook with a electrifying ending as the band jam away, which became the highlight of the set.

Finally the headliners, UK’s Moose Blood, took the stage for a one hour set. First time back since last years Unify, they know what their audience wants and they deliver.

While many people will put them under the Emo category, there is more subtly than that to their music. Front man Eddy Brewerton is softly spoken when talking but croons his way trough tracks such as Honey and Have I Told You Enough.

The remaining band members, guitarist Mark E Osbourne, bassist Kyle Todd and drummer Lee Munday, have been through quite a few controversies in the last two years however tonight it’s about the music, and their fans love that, singing back word for word their songs. Tracks from the new album I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore are received well by a rowdy and fun audience.

Then it was done. The band finishing at 10:10, four bands, four killer sets, just a little early maybe for a Saturday night and other shenanigans that may lay awaiting around the corner. While everyone’s set seemed a little short, the concept of four bands on a bill is a real value winner. We got local quality as well as international class and, well it’s still early, we still have the rest of tonight to play with.

Live Review by Iain McCallum

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