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Frontier Comedy have announced a national tour for Australian-Egyptian comedian and actor Khaled Khalafalla this July. In the last three years, Khaled’s roles in Upper Middle Bogan, Ali’s Wedding, Utopia and That’s Not My Dog have earned him critical acclaim and legions of new fans and now the charming, charismatic comedian is back and ready to light up stages across Australia with his brand new live show.

Khalafalla will kick off his national tour at Sydney’s The Comedy Store on Friday 13 July, going on to Brisbane’s Sit Down Comedy Club (Saturday 14 July) and Melbourne’s The Comic’s Lounge (Saturday 21 July) before wrapping up at Adelaide’s Rhino Room on Saturday 28 July. Tickets to all shows on sale now. Khaled shares a few quick words with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What is your new live show about?
Mostly an internal and external adventure documenting a search for my roots.

Is this a show you would take your mum to?

Are you always a little anxious on the first show you’re doing a new show?
Yes, I’m always anxious even when the show isn’t new.

How you control pre-show nerves?
I remember that I still have ten years to become the coolest forty year old I can be and today doesn’t matter.

Most rewarding show?
Doing my first full trial show (for this show) and getting a positive response for all the new thoughts I’ve been working on over the previous few months

Biggest mistake made in a live show?
I once derailed an entire show when chastising someone for speaking loudly during a bit, when I realised his interruptions were in fact involuntary noises due to a disability.

Best come back to a heckler?
Engaging them briefly before continuing the bit i was in as if there was no interruption at all.

Do you find that when you tour now, that you’re recognised as “ah, he’s that bloke”?
Nope. I am wholly unrecognised, anywhere I go.

It is great to see that you’re branching out in TV/Film, however does your heart belong to stand-up comedy?
Yes. For the most part. my heart will always belong to anything I produce myself.

What’s next for Khaled Khalafalla?
I aim to continue my introspective journey until I become a prophet, or until I write a new, better show next year.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Khaled Khalafalla on the following dates…

Khaled Khalafalla Tour Dates

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