Sevsons On Adelaide’s Best Bands

SEVSONS are a band who have been paving their own way to notoriety within Sydney’s alt-rock circles. With blistering live shows alongside some of the country’s best including Closure in Moscow, Circles and Caligula’s Horse, the four piece have elevated from buzz act to a formidable band with a lengthy career already in motion. After touring the east coast as support to Dead Letter Circus, SEVSONS have worked up a storm of a new single with Evolution.

Continuing to blend catchy riffs with melodies that captivate from the onset, Evolution is a beast of a new track; lead singer Rhys’s vocals have the same impassioned delivery fans of Karnivool and Gyroscope love, stretching in range and achieving some great highs as that chorus reaches its apex. Instead of talking up their own killer single Sevsons go through and list their opinion on Adelaide’s best bands.

St Bride:
St Bride are a really promising three-piece alt-rock band who I only recently discovered. For a three-piece they have a massive sound and while they have a heavy focus on really catchy, poppy melodies they make sure they back that up with some really great riffs.

Bad//Dreems have a really great classic Aussie rock vibe while still having an extra layer to make them stand out among the pack. “Cuffed and Collared” is definitely one of my favourite tracks and gives off vibes of another great Adelaide band, “The Angels”

West Thebarton:
It’s really unfortunate that these guys ended up having to change their name from West Thebarton Brothel Party, but nevertheless their tunes are still slamming! Something I thought was really cool was their cover of You’ve Got The Love by Florence + The Machine, absolutely smashed that!

Pinkish Blue:
Pinkish Blue are a really cool indie-pop band who, while they haven’t been around for a particularly long time, have started making a pretty big impact in the Adelaide Scene. They have a really cool sound that mixes your classic indie vibe with an added dreaminess.

Wolfjay are a band that I again, only discovered recently, but I became instantly hooked by their ability to create groove within their tracks. For some reason I’m hearing a lot of The Paper Kites in their sound, maybe it’s the downplayed vocals, but in any case, I’m a fan.

Compiled by Rob Lyon

Make sure you check out Sevsons single Evolution

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