The Presets, Roland Tings, Kult Kyss @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 15/6/2018

Kult Kyss greeted the early arrivals at Thebarton Theatre on a wet and wild night in Adelaide. The cold was soon forgotten though, as the smooth pulsating beats started to flow. The crisp clean vocal harmony sat beautifully over the electro pop vibes, ethereal and dreamy at times with some high tempo build ups getting the crowd moving to the groove.

The irrepressible Roland Tings was soon to follow, joined with live drums, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keys, percussion) the mood was high and the crowd started to thrive on the cool beats. Starting out with slow burns like Pala, that build layer by layer, the drums setting the pace and giving the sound heart beat that was undeniable. Renown for a fun live set Tings and co kept the Thebby moving although a typically Adelaide crowd quietly did their own thing and seemed to think Roland was chatting to someone else at times. There was no doubt, however, that when the beats were laid down he had their full attention finishing with probably his most recognisable and highly rotated One Hundred (feat. High Hoops) the crowd was well and truly warmed up for the main act.

Kym Moyes and Julian Hamilton wander out to the wide Thebby stage, lights are dim, and the crowd is buzzing, cheers start to build as they take their positions. It’s been six years since their latest release and now on the back of their latest full-length album Hi-Viz they have proved they aren’t slowing down now some fifteen plus years into their recording careers.

Having played a sort of greatest hits set at McLaren Vales Hot dub time machine in December, it was a question as to what mix of new and old they’d put on display.

The new music blends seamlessly, with the intro track Knuckles smoothly welcoming the crowd to their first taste off the new album (where it’s also the intro), the crowd was suddenly shifted up a gear as the familiar Oh, Oh! Rang out as the duo laid down a crowd favourite Talk Like That from the acclaimed 2008 album Apocalypso, it seemed to bring a realisation to many, that it was really happening, The Presets where about to take flight in front of them.

The hits kept coming with the drums of Moyes driving hard amongst the the synth goodness of Hamilton on Eucalyptus before, the first full track of this year’s release Hi-Viz. When Martini bounced around the stage, with Hamilton’s sweet vocals lifting the song out of the base driven backline the crowd lapped it up and got down.The scene had been set and The Presets just kept giving the gold.

After five releases together and countless spots and credits across electronic music and in production for several other artists, the talent of Moyes and Hamilton is clear for all to see. Driving base, pumping beats and a stage energy that sucks you in. The set was absolutely full of hits from go to woah, classics like This Boys In Love, Ghosts, and Youth In Trouble and slotted seamlessly amongst new favourites like 14U&14Me, Do What You Want and Tools Down.

The crowd was left sweaty and fulfilled with their with their night out at Thebby.

Live Review By Peter Young

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