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All-round legends The Bennies will be taking their pumping new album Natural Born Chillers around the country this month, continuing their reign of taking 2018 as their own. The eleven date run will see the four-piece take to regional and metro hot spots across five states including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. Jules from the band drops by Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles to answer a few questions.

How the was the UK and European tour and did it exceed all your expectations?
UK/Europe was so much fun. It’s great to return to some familiar places with familiar faces and also getting the chance to hit some new cities. Its hard to know what to expect before the tour begins, this one definitely defied expectation and logic for that matter.

Do you think you’ll have to get back there to consolidate the hard work that’s been done there?
We been a few times now and it has the feeling that we’re building with each tour, like there’s a gentle momentum. Personally I think you do need to go back to places to build on past tours/performances, there’s that old rock quote, ‘it’s only a loss if you don’t go back’, pretty much sums it up.

Is the US next?
We’ll see, the US is great fun but the rest of the world is much more appealing than Trump’s America at the moment.

How’s your endurance faring after so long on the road?
Sweet, there’s a threshold that breaks or maybe dies inside you after X amount of shows, I love it. It’d be a sad day that playing guitar and pounding a few beers and heaps of spliffs becomes hard work.

What do you enjoy most about touring?
Meeting different artists, making new friends, sharing music, partying, experiencing new places, different cultures, growing with friends, evolving from my choices (good/bad), good times, bad times, coping/learning to cope, getting rad at partying, just to name a few.

What don’t you like about touring?
Being away from home at some point can stab you in the ear, missing home feels like it can take on another level when your exhausted.

Who gets to overrule the music selections in the tour van?
We’re all pretty diplomatic when it comes to the DJ selection, we show respect. I was surprised that no one shut me down after I did a DJ Binz aka Wrecked Selecta set in the van that Literally went for hours.

Have you been happy with how your album Natural Born Chillers?
Really happy with NBC, seems like people dig it. The main thing is we’re stoked on it, I’d hate to put something out that we thought was shit.

How do you think The Bennies sound has evolved since Wisdom Machine?
We’re better musicians than we were a couple of years ago when Wisdom Machine came out. I’m not saying we’re shit hot at what we do, just that we’re improving our game.

Is there a story behind the single Dreamkillers?
It’s more a simple concept. There’s people in the world that have your best interests at heart, these people usually offer support of your dreams, then there are people that don’t have your best interests at heart, some of these people can also be malevolent and will drown you like a sewer rat at the first chance they get, these are the Dreamkillers.

Do you enjoy being involved in the film clip?
Yes! It’s so much fun. We’re not making an award winning think piece, we’re getting smashed off camera having a ball.

Beyond the Australian tour what’s next for The Bennies?
Probably more touring, see where we wind up. A new album is in our sights, there’s a bunch of ideas kicking around at the moment, along with a sweet vibe, I’m really looking forward to capturing it on record.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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