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Ocean Alley are thrilled to unveil the sun-kissed new video to accompany the raw and wistful Knees, a standout cut from their acclaimed second album Chiaroscuro – of which the second vinyl pressing is now available. The band are taking their LP on the road in North America for a massive twenty nine shows through May and June, having kicked off in San Diego this week and with two dates already sold out in Canada.

Having fast become a fan-favourite on the band’s sold out Australian tour, conjuring mass crowd sing-alongs on all stops, Knees combines dreamy tones with hopeful yet commanding vocals and stunning harmonisation. The video portrays an endless summer, the lo-fi, grainy vision evoking a sense of nostalgia as Australia moves into the sombre, cooler months. Tying in with the album’s theme of dark and light, the heavy weight of the song’s lyrics and emotive sense of longing is juxtaposed with the warm, floating imagery. Mitch from the band answers a few questions about the North American tour for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

It must be an exciting time for band heading over for an extensive North American tour?
Yeah very exciting for us. We love the road. So fun. So sweet.

Do you feel as if all the hard work is starting to pay off?
Totally but I think we’d still be doing this regardless. As long as we’ve got enough coin to stay on the road.

Have you been able to gauge the level of support over there in the USA?
We’ve had great support from the people who have heard our music online. They’ve come to the shows and its been a pleasure playing for them live. Next time hopefully there’s some more heads.

Depending on how the tour goes do you see yourselves returning to have a good crack at the North American market?
Oh we’ll be back. Maybe sooner than ya’ll think.

When you look at the numbers of streams each month and in total so far, you have to be stoked with how the new album is going?
So stoked, the feedback has been great and it just makes us wanna keep writing new stuff. We couldn’t do what we are doing these days if we didn’t have people listening to the things we make.

What’s the story behind the single Knees?
Baden bought in an idea he had kicking around for a while and we wrote the other parts in the studio. Its very much open to interpretation I guess and its also one of the more bi-polar songs on the record.

Did you have a lot of fun doing the film clip?
We sure did. That was just an ordinary spin out on the boat for us. We like to head out in the sun and do a bit of boating and fishing when we’ve got down time. Its too easy to just fill up with some beer and hang on the water until the sun buggers off.

Were you hands on with the film clip and setting the direction for it?
Not at all. We just wanted footage from a day out on the water. Kind of like a home movie. Wack it to the song and it worked out great. We like the feel of the whole thing.

Do have many ideas floating around for album number three?
Just some rough ideas that we’ve been mucking around with on the road. Nothing serious but you know, from little things big things grow. Great song by the way.

Beyond the North American tour what’s next for Ocean Alley?
Next we head back to Australia for a festival called Splendour In The Grass then on to Europe for the second time and also some studio time strewn amongst that to make a start on the next record.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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