The Flaming Lips To Release Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Three-time Grammy Award-winning legends The Flaming Lips announce their first official “hits” collection on Warner Bros. Records. The collection will be released on June 1 and is available for pre-order nowpre-order now. All pre-orders will receive an instant download of album track We Can’t Predict The Future.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 will compile 11 Warner Bros-era singles and album tracks on a single black vinyl pressing. This is the first time The Lips have presented singles from Transmissions From The Satellite Heart (1993), Clouds Taste Metallic (1995), The Soft Bulletin (1999), Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002), At War With The Mystics (2006), Embryonic (2009) and their current album Oczy Mlody (2017) on a single disc.

The Deluxe digital and Deluxe 3-CD Edition of Greatest Hits Vol.1 significantly expands the concept of their “hits” and gathers some of their best-loved album tracks from the aforementioned albums. It also includes deep cuts from their Warner Bros. album debut, Hit To Death In The Future Head (1992), along with music from Zaireeka (1997), The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends (2012) and The Terror (2013). The Deluxe Edition will also compile a generous hatful of international single B-sides, studio outtakes and several previously unreleased tracks to present an essential view into the extraordinary body of work from one of the most influential and enduring rock bands of all-time.

Each of the tracks in this collection has been remastered from the original tape sources by The Flaming Lips and long-time producer Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios. The resultant sound quality of these recordings is now far superior to all previously released versions.

Some of the aural treasures found on Disc 3 of the 3-CD Deluxe edition are among the rarest recorded curios in The Lips’ musical medicine chest including the previously unreleased demo track Zero To A Million, which features The Lips’ short-lived line-up that included Jonathan Donahue on guitar (Mercury Rev) and Nathan Roberts on drums. This track was on the original cassette tape which led to The Lips’ Warner Bros. Records signing. Another early obscurity Jets (Cupid’s Kiss Vs. the Psyche of Death) is one of the three tracks from The Lips’ first-ever WBR CD EP, Yeah, I Know It’s A Drag…Wastin’ Pigs Is Still Radical.

Various odds and sods included here that have never been available on CD until now include the epic, fan favourite The Captain, which was left off The Soft Bulletin and is a welcome addition to this set. We Can’t Predict The Future is taken from a June 2000 John Peel BBC Session. Your Face Can Tell The Future and You Gotta Hold On are outtakes from At War With The Mystics sessions. Another rare gem, Noodling Theme, is from the 2001 Lips soundtrack to director Bradley Beesley’s indie film Okie Noodling about bare-handed fishing in Oklahoma. Those lucky enough to attend early screenings were handed a copy of this now ultra-rare 3-song CD upon entry. Spiderman Vs Muhammed Ali, originally recorded for 2007’s Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man 3 soundtrack has never released in any form. Prior to this collection, Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2 existed on a USB drive – along with two other tracks – buried within the edible Gummy Fetus sold on tour in 2011. Closing out the collection is Silent Lord, which is comprised of The Lips’ mash-up of Silent Night with Spacemen 3’s Lord, Can You Hear Me from a Christmas 2008 limited edition 7” picture disc. The most comprehensive of any Lips compilation to date, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition becomes an essential piece of the puzzle into the wonderful and strange world view of The Flaming Lips.

To make things even more exciting for fans, Rhino Records and Warner Bros. Records celebrates Oklahoma’s most famous freaks with an ambitious reissue program, including two releases that spotlight the joyous weirdness the band recorded for Restless Records before signing with Warner Bros. in 1991. Scratching The Door and Seeing The Unseeable, a 6-CD box to be released June 29, gathers up early Lips albums and rare cuts, also remastered by The Lips and Fridmann.

Track listing for Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Vinyl edition)
Side One:
1. Do You Realize??
2. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
3. Race For The Prize
4. Waitin’ For A Superman
5. When You Smile
6. She Don’t Use Jelly

Side Two:
1. Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
2. The W.A.N.D.
3. Silver Trembling Hands
4. The Castle
5. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Track listing for Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition (3-CD & Digital)
Disc 1:
1. Talkin’ ‘Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants
To Live Forever)
2. Hit Me Like You Did The First Time
3. Frogs
4. Felt Good To Burn
5. Turn It On
6. She Don’t Use Jelly
7. Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye
8. Slow Nerve Action
9. Psychiatric Explorations of The Fetus With Needles
10. Brainville
11. Lightning Strikes The Postman
12. When You Smile
13. Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
14. Riding To Work In The Year 2025
15. Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)
16. Waitin’ For A Superman (Is It Getting Heavy?)
17. The Spark That Bled
18. What Is the Light?

Disc 2:
1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
2. In The Morning Of The Magicians
3. All We Have Is Now
4. Do You Realize??
5. The W.A.N.D.
6. Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung
7. Vein Of Stars
8. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
9. Convinced Of The Hex
10. See The Leaves
11. Silver Trembling Hands
12. Is David Bowie Dying?
13. Try To Explain
14. Always There In Our Hearts
15. How??
16. There Should Be Unicorns
17. The Castle

Disc 3:
1. Zero to A Million (Demo)
2. Jets (Cupid’s Kiss Vs The Psyche Of Death) (2-Track Demo)
3. Thirty-Five Thousand Feet Of Despair
4. The Captain
5. 1000 Ft. Hands
6. Noodling Theme (Epic Sunset Mix #5)
7. Up Above The Daily Hum
8. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (In Anatropous Reflex)
9. We Can’t Predict The Future
10. Your Face Can Tell The Future
11. You Gotta Hold On
12. What Does It Mean?
13. Spider-man Vs Muhammad Ali
14. I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow
15. Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2
16. If I Only Had A Brain
17. Silent Night / Lord, Can You Hear Me

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