The Montreals @ Fat Controller, Adelaide 20/4/2018

Celebrating the release of their new single Sardines, The Montreals lit up the Adelaide stage at Fat controller on Friday, and showed why they truly are a band to reckoned with. South Australian born and bred, and well known through Triple J, they are an alternative, indie-rock band reminiscent of a scattered lovechild between Jungle Giants and Vampire Weekend. Following the success of Deadheads and Lo Fi, The Montreals are a vibrant and eclectic group that stand on their own two legs and consistently produce interesting tracks.

Greeting the stage in a flurry of sound and flashing lights, the quartet consisting of vocals, guitar, bass and drums truly knew how to open a set. After two initial warm-up support acts, where Hey Harriet was a standout, Adelaide was crying out for the main attraction, and the fairly full basement venue roared when they donned the stage.

Much like their earlier works, their use of reverberating drums and clashing vocals set the pace for the set to follow- a mixture of well-known and new tracks. With open shirts, and a tambourine in hand, and the vocal strength to carry the local crowd from drink to song, it’s easy to understand why they are a local favourite and true Adelaide strength.

The second track was bass heavy, introducing a cover into the flurry of their set, with The Montreals’ version of Electric Feel by MGMT. Perfect for introducing the less-seasoned to their unique sound and stirring up the crowd to their style and flair. Their cohesion and true connection with the audience was excellent, and was a testament to their professional nature.

Live Review by Robyn Clifford

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