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The Wild Nights Tour is coming to Adelaide for a night featuring five of the world’s biggest dance superstars live on stage. Joining together for a night of a nostalgic journey are Cascada, DJ Sash, DJ Aligator, N-Trance and Love Inc playing all their biggest dance anthems. Coming to The HQ Complex on Thursday June 21 tickets are on sale now through Ticketek. Hi-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles asks a few questions to Simone Denny from Love Inc who can’t wait to get to Australia and gives us the insight that this tour will be one of the hottest dance tickets in town!

Are you excited to be playing the Wild Nights Tour with the other artists?
I am so excited to be performing on the Wild Nights Tour! It’s going to be amazing! Looking forward to meeting all the other artists and most of all performing live for my Aussie fans!

What part of the Australian tour are you looking forward to? Any plans to see the sights around our cities?
Absolutely! Last time I performed in Australia I stayed in Sydney. I had a wonderful time exploring the city. I visited the Sydney Aquarium. The Harbour Bridge. Darling Harbour. I had dinner at Bondi Beach and did some shopping at The Queen Victoria Building at The Australian Geographic. This time I’d love to hold a koala bear. I’ll definitely be exploring every city on the tour. I have family in Australia. I’m excited to see them as well.

Do you think House/Eurodance music is still as popular as it was in the late 90s early 2000s?
House and dance are definitely back. Specifically, the sound from the 90s/ 2000s sound. I think there are fans and clubs that always play it worldwide. It was a good time in music. Happy music! Energetic and positive! That’s something people need and always want to hear.

Which artists or genre of music do you listen to in your spare time?
I listen to various genres of music. I also perform many genres of music. I have my own band in Canada and an album of songs that explores vintage soul music and classic rock from the 50s & 60s. Whatever moves me on a particular day or moment is what I’m listening to. From House/Dance music to Caribbean Soca Music to Opera. From R&B to classic Soul music like Sam Cooke to classic Rock like the Hives. Funk and New Jack Swing, I love it all. For me it’s all good music. No one specific artist. Just good vibes and whatever moves me.

Now that your back touring together, do you have any plans to make new music?
I tour for Love Inc on my own. The other members are producing and busy doing other projects. As for me I’ve always done other music projects as well. As musicians we are always creating. I’ve had other hits as well. However, it’s always wonderful to revisit the Love Inc songs and perform them live. The energy between me and the audience is so beautiful. And yes, I’ve just begun work on new house/dance music.

Which Love Inc song do you enjoy playing live?
My favourite song is You’re A Superstar. It speaks to the heart of people. I love watching them close their eyes. Hands in the air and singing the words at the top of their lungs back to me. I love meeting and chatting with the fans after and hearing the stories of how that song has made such a positive impact on their lives. Helped them get through tough times. It’s uplifted and empowered them and given them courage and strength. For me that the best feeling in the world! Can’t wait to sing for you Australia!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Catch Love Inc on the following dates for The Wild Nights Tour…


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