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Remember the name The Faim because you will be hearing a lot more for this up and coming band from Perth who will no doubt take the world by storm with their new single Saints Of The Sinners. The Faim are hitting the road during April with Sleeping With Sirens, Chase Atlantic and Lower Than Atlantis. Drummer Sean Tighe drops by to answer a few questions for HI Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Is it hard to contain the excitement knowing that the Sleeping With Sirens tour is just around the corner?
We are extremely excited to be playing along side “Sleeping With Sirens” as they are one of our favourite bands and having this amazing opportunity to tour Australia and New Zealand with them is absolutely incredible! Plus its our first ever Australian Tour!

Do you feel this is a big step in getting known with Australian audiences?
We definitely think its a huge step in general because this will be our first Australian tour and being able to share our songs around Australia makes us really stoked. We’ll be playing all our new songs, and hope it will resonate with different crowds and inspire them to look forward to what’s next from the Faim.

For music fans who don’t know much about The Faim how did you get together?
Michael, Josh and Stephen went to the same school and found me from my drumming YouTube channel and it basically escalated from there. We are so passionate about music and that’s the reason why we work so well together.

Where did the name The Faim come from?
The “Faim” means hunger in french and that instantly made us connect with it as us as a band are always hungry, driven and determined to stay on top and never give up. Everyone is hungry to chase their goals and dreams in life. What a better way to describe what were about and who we are. We hope once our fans know the true meaning behind the name they can resonate with it and continually be inspired to keep on going and hold onto that hunger, because ultimately that’s what takes you to the next level.

What was the energy like in those initial jam sessions?
The energy was electric! We knew that this was what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives and in many ways we have taken the energy from those initital jams and just run with it. Its been four years as a band but we feel like we are only just getting started.

What was it like working with Pete Wentz on the single Saints Of The Sinners?
Working with Pete was truly inspiring, just having him there made us completely transform into creative monsters. It was an absolute privilege working with him, one of our idols.

Is there an album planned and how is that shaping up?
There is album in the works and we can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been creating. Exciting times ahead!

How would you describe The Faim sonically?
Alternative, Pop Rock are few ways to describe the sound. We try to avoid pigeonholing our sound into any particular genre and people will soon hear that our songs are actually pretty varied in scope.

What are the plans for The Faim for the remainder of the year?
So much touring in the works, this upcoming Australian, New Zealand and UK tour will be absolutely insane and we can’t wait to play as many shows as we can possibly perform this year. It think its about fifty shows. We also have “Download Festival”, “Slam Dunk Festival”, “The Great Escape”, “Sound City Festival” to look forward to and also
many exciting announcements that will unfold throughout the year! Its going to be a crazy year, that’s for sure.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch The Faim with Sleeping With Sirens, Chase Atlantic and Lower Than Atlantis on the following dates…

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  1. I saw The Faim live as the opening band for Lower Than Atlantis and they completely took my heart! Thank you for sharing this interview 🙂

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