Regurgitator @ The Palais, Adelaide Riverbank, Adelaide 9/3/2018

I can’t think of a better way to kick start the beginning of the long than seeing Regurgitator rock The Palais on the Adelaide Riverbank. Definitely a masterstroke of programming by the Adelaide Festival by bringing some rock action to the Festival. Big crowd, great vibe… great everything!

It was another bumper crowd at The Palais to watch one of Australia’s finest live acts rock Adelaide for the next eighty minutes or so. With the spectacular Adelaide skyline as a backdrop the band enter through a haze of smoke to open with Blood And Spunk before revving it up again with I Wanna Be A Nudist. Ben Ely commented that being at The Palais felt like being on a cruise ship without the fights and vomit. I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am is always popular and needs no introduction and similarly with I Will Like Your Arsehole dedicated to all those who worked hard during the week.

I really dig Everyday Formula and Quan Yeomans said lets keep the 90s going for another thirty years before ripping apart Track One. As Ely mentioned Bong In My Eye was dedicated to the fine herb and spoke of the heart warming story of a gig where they were paid in weed. World Of Sleaze was skipped to be played later on in the set list. It was from that to plastic surgery with fan favourite Polyester Girl.

It is mind boggling thinking about all the hits and other popular tunes Regurgitator have in the discography… loads! My Friend Robot feeling every bit of the power of technology, The Drop, Fat Cop and 7’10 were unreal. Black Bugs was a highlight and the Guns ‘n Roses Sweet Child Of Mine outro was killer.

The last part of the set was all hits and the best bits of Regurgitator with the likes of Blubber Boy, Modern Life and the song about fortune cookies King Fu Sing. The band despite there being a noise curfew would not have been able to leave without an encore. They returned and Ben Ely was insistent on getting The World Of Sleaze back in the set so there was a poll – The World Of Sleaze vs I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff. Old Stuff prevailed. I, Zombie was next with Yeomans saying they had plenty of songs and they could bore us for hours knowing that the curfew was looming.

The World Of Sleaze finally got a Guernsey in to the set followed by Bongzilla. All good things must come to an end and the Prince style intro to ! (The Song Formerly Known As) got the crowd jumping one last time. The band promised that they would be back in August much to the delight of fans. Brilliant show!

Adelaide Festival Review by Rob Lyon

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