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Coming in hot off the back of the release of their debut EP Indigo Club and beloved single Deadheads, which garnered national radio play, saw the band tour nationally, land support slots with the likes of Andy Bull, The Last Dinosaurs, Alpine and amass rave reviews. Now, Adelaide indie poppers The Montreals deliver us their dreamy new indie-pop single SardinesAfter sharing a festival stage with Duke Dumont and Safia as part of Adelaide’s Oh Yes Festival and supporting the likes of Northeast Party House and The Creases in 2017, The Montreals are excited to celebrate the release of Sardines and they are packing the Tarago to whip the country for some shows this April. Stefan and Angus takeover Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles for a quick Q&A.

Did you have fun making Sardines?
Stefan: Sardines was heaaapz fun, we hadn’t even fully written the song until we got into the studio, & so a lot of it just naturally flowed out on the spot. We also travelled to Brisbane where our mixer (Magoo) lives to produce it which turned out to be a wild coupla days!

Did the process of making Sardines challenge the band in ways you never knew?
Angus: We were playing a couple of festivals the week of recording (Oh yes!), so between rehearsing for those & writing the new song, meant it was turbulent times.

What’s the story behind the single Sardines?
Stefan: I actually hate Sardines… The small oily fish. I list a lot of things I hate in the song. But it’s cool, because things you hate give you a reference point for what you actually like. Whether it’s personality types, overcrowded clubs where you wait half an hour for a frixkin drink, types of food, or anything ya know? Even down to the sounds & instruments used, they are all dodgy Garageband plugins, that generally you would assume are trash, but you wouldn’t know!

How would you describe The Montreals sonically?
Angus: I think it’s always evolving, but no matter where it goes, we want it to make you move. It has to have that puppy-like energy, ya gotta dance!

Are you looking forward to getting on the road for these upcoming dates?
Stefan: Heck ye, everyday people have been messaging us to come play up the coast – so super keen to meet some new faces 🙂 🙂

What can punters expect to see and hear on this tour? Any new songs?
Angus: Pretty much half the set list is new songs, so it’ll be groovy to see what the crowds make of it !!

Where to next for The Montreals?
Stefan: New toonz, tours, heaps of rad exciting stuff!! V v v keen, 2018 is absolutely pregnant I tells ya!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch The Montreals on the following dates…

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