Raul By The Pool @ Pig Tales At Gluttony, Adelaide 27/2/2018

Poor Raul, his wife Denise has left him following a fling with Victor the yoga instructor and Raul’s gotten himself in trouble with the law, after debilitating the yoga teaching lothario with a pool noodle… and things are just going downhill from there for our beloved pool boy.

Just to be clear, Raul By The Pool is probably not the best show to take your teenager daughter to, as one father and his daughter in the front row found out. Still, at least she wasn’t receiving the extra value hot pants side view, being experienced by the other man in the front row.

There were a few opening night glitches requiring tweaks, where things were maybe not proceeding quite as planned and there was a sense that the stage was perhaps a little more compact than Raul was expecting. Raul also seemed to be playing it all a little safe early on, costing him a couple of audience members. However, once he got a little more “familiar” with those of us in attendance and settled into his groove, we all started warming to him and by the final part of the show, we were lapping it up.

Raul may not be the right man to clean your pool, but for those of us who stayed for his full vacation, we had a ball.

Three Stars

Fringe Review by Peter Lanyon

For more info and tickets to Raul By The Pool head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/raul-by-the-pool-af2018

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