Don’t be an a$$hole, check out Grasshole is how they saying goes! Their brand new track Hash? Tag Me In is ouot now and so to is their debut album. The Stoner/ Grunge/ Fuzz band from Melbourne have been working hard touring around the country and have released two tracks from this record in late 2017, but now it’s time to drop the full album. Not only that, but they are also bringing the party flavour to a bunch of locations around Australia around the record drop – NSW, QLD, VIC and SA! They will visit Wollongong’s Rad Bar, The Chippo Hotel in Sydney, Newcastle’s Hamilton Station Hotel, Crowbar in Brisbane, Burleigh Town Tavern in Gold Cost, Dank Vibes Festival at Brisbane’s New Globe Theatre, Howl & Moan Records in Byron Bay, Adelaide’s Ed Castle and The Exeter, Warrnambool’s The Loft and the iconic Cherry Bar in Melbourne! Drummer Rick Hawkins from the band answers a few quick questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Did you have fun making the video clip for Hash? Tag Me In?
We were fortunate enough to have a camera man along for our tour in Indonesia last November who successfully captured the excitement of our live shows and showed the genuine enthusiasm of the Indonesian crowds.

What’s the story behind the single Hash? Tag Me?
It’s the ‘age-old’ story of the challenges that come with a precious relationship and living up to each other’s expectations.

How would you describe Grasshole sonically?
Fuzzy, melodic, energetic, kick-in-the-face, anarchic – a huge combo of sonic influences make up a Fuzz of Flavour.

Interesting band name, where did the band name come from?
An early song from a psst life got the title Grasshole and we giggled like a group of schoolgirls so much we had to use it for the band. We’re serious about our music but we also like to keep it light.

How did the band get together?
Karis & I have been very close for the long haul – even sharing DNA. Fredrik was the ‘missing link’ we discovered in Sweden on tour in 2016. The dream magical trio was born.

Are you looking forward to getting on the road for this massive tour?
Currently on the QLD leg of the tour doing shows in Brisbane & on the Gold Coast. We had a great show at Crowbar last night. We have already completed the NSW leg and had some rad shows but still have SA & our home base of VIC to look forward to in coming weeks. The band is really enjoying the enthusiasm & love from the crowds! It makes it all worthwhile.

What’s on your mix tape in the tour van?
Really soaking up Berri Txarrak’s latest album. Also running hot is The Bronx and Clowns to pump us up before going to a show.

What can punters expect to see and hear on this tour? Any new songs?
Excitement and lots of sweat – we will provide the audience with the energy and rawness of our new album along with some crowd-pleasers from the back catalogue.

It must be exciting that US radio have picked up your singles?
Its pretty surreal to be played on the radio anywhere but the reaction in the US was more than anything we could have expected! A great boost for the band that we are on the right track. We have spent a lot of time and energy on our music and its amazing that it is finally beginning to get some real attention.

What’s next for Grasshole? A stint overseas?
Grasshole has got a fair bit coming up – but we might keep details under our blouse for now.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Grasshole on the following dates…

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