The Naked Painters @ The Bally At Gluttony, Adelaide 23/2/2018

I knew what to expect walking into this show, but this is truly like nothing you have ever seen before.

The artist goes by the name of Pricasso, paying homage to his muse. Entering the stage dressed like he was ready for the Mardi Gras. It quickly escalates to ripping off what little attire he was wearing like the start of a strip show.

Not for the prudish – this show does involve full male nudity. This was much to the amusement of the small audience in attendance. Like giggling girls in school – it takes about 10 minutes before the fact they had a completely naked man in front of them, to go from strange and humorous to completely normal.

There are anecdotal stories while painting that provide background, as well as sharing his poetic efforts, but it is clearly the painting that everyone has come to see. The different techniques and methods are both entertaining and leave you slightly cringing – particularly when it comes to personally signing the paintings.

Calling upon an audience member to come up on stage, the second part of the show involved a portrait painted of the audience member. The end result was a beautiful picture that had correctly highlighted her beauty.

While the method of painting is potentially questionable, his artistic ability leaves no question. His ability to paint was impressive – even if the show left me less than impressed.

Take a bottle of wine, watch in wonder and amazement, and maybe you, your boyfriend, husband or partner might be inspired to try a little naked art at home yourself!

Three Stars

Fringe Review by Ilona Schultz

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