360 Allstars @ Grand Auditorium at RCC, Adelaide 18/2/2018

Onyx Productions’ 360 ALLSTARS is back for another revolutionary rotation at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.

Director/Percussionist Gene Peterson and Freestyle rapper Roman MC flanked the stage to start off the show with some awesome beats, loops and resounding rhythms from the monumental drum kit.

Audiences were in for a performance from stars who had wondrously mastered techniques essentially to do with rotation – whether it be wheels, balls, hoops, musical loops or head spins when breakdancing.

This was a high energy show which had audience members stomping their feet and clapping along for more.

Hungarian and two-time World Champion BMX freestyler Peter Sore pulled some spectacular tricks and stunts in the first individual performance to backdrop visuals of a skate park and rocking music from Gene and Roman MC.

The Bboy battle from breakdancers Leerok and Sette involved a clever video game simulation to further connect the world of street culture and urban technology.  There was some impressive upper body strength from Leerok executing full body rotations and power moves on his arms and Sette’s headwork was also awe-inspiring.  I counted at least a 12 pack on each of these B-Boys in their headspin spin-off.

Basketball Man, whilst not possessing the most original name, is a basketball freestyler who put the comedy into his performance when urged to “press the red button” by all in the audience.  He included kids from the audience in his act, getting them up on stage – which is always great to see.

My favourite performance of the show was by Rhys Miller, a Roue Cyr artist.  A Roue Cyr is a monowheel, which looks like a big hula hoop, with this one being approximately 2 metres in diameter.  The beautiful, melodic keyboard backing with haunting vocal loops complemented the mesmerising routine.  My companion asked in a stage whisper at one point – “how is he not getting his fingers crushed as the wheel and hands meet the floor?”

Roman MC showed us how to use a loop station – another 360-themed demo, then engaged the audience in a Freestyle Rap challenge with the house lights up and lots of opportunities to join in.  It was great to see music taking a centre stage and for the audience to learn that all the music was produced live during the show through vocals, percussion, and a loop station.

A solo on the drums by director Gene, incorporating keyboards and bass loops had the audience rocking along.  At times the drumsticks were just a blur as they were worked into a sonorous frenzy.

The ensemble finale featured all five performers on/with their apparatus as well as the introduction of a uni-cycle and a couple of other different sized Roue Cyr (monowheels).  The lighting design by Geoff Squires and Freddy Komp’s AV projections were highlighted in this performance which seamlessly blended with the other elements of the show to produce a visual and vigorous hour.

All in all, a loud dynamic show which left the audience in high spirits.  Kids with a passion for basketball, bikes, skateboards, rap, music production and breakdancing will get a kick out of this show the most.  But if you like to be entertained and thrilled for every moment of a performance (and who doesn’t?) then this show has it all – urban circus artistry at its loudest and best!

Five Stars

Review by Kim Burley

For more info and tickets for 360 Allstars head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/360-allstars-af2018

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