Jeff Green: 30 @ Rhino Room, Adelaide 15/2/2018

Jeff Green started off his show saying that he had not been at the Adelaide Fringe for 3 years and that this was his 10th year living in Australia. He had recently become an Australian Citizen and this lead to a very funny interaction with an audience member who would interject most of the time he was on stage. This never seemed to faze Jeff who has been in the stand-up trade for 30 years (hence the name of the show) During a very funny story the same interjector completely ruined the punchline of the joke but with Jeff’s quick wit he was able to make a joke out of the interjection.

Jeff told some very funny anecdotes about Facebook and his family life and living in Melbourne. These days Jeff told us that he also gives out tips to aspiring comics in comedy workshops. 2 of the things he teaches is to make sure you connect with the audience as well as making sure you are funny between the jokes. I find that Jeff succeeded in both these things tonight

Towards the end of the show, he mentioned that it was the first night and that he thought the show was a bit scattered. This was true but in my opinion, this  did not detract from the laughs.

Four Stars

Fringe Review by Richard De Pizzol

Catch Jeff Green at Rhino Room during the Fringe. Tickets and show details here

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