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Emerging folk artist, Clint Wilson, is set to release his first 7″ inch single with a gentle melancholic look at life in his song, Nothin’ To Lose. It’s a dreamy acoustic song where violins enchant you into the songs breezy take on having nothing in life and being really happy about it. Clint Wilson draws influences from Paul Kelly and The Church, and with his own melodic nuance and unique voice he creates beautiful acoustic tunes that would make any Josh Pyke or Pete Murray fan excited. Clint shares a few words about the new single with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Are you over the moon with how the single Nothin’ To Lose is being received?
I’m really happy with how the single is going. The film clip especially has received a lot of love. It’s pretty hard to get people to hear your stuff as theres so many new tracks out there, but social media is a huge help.

Interesting choice to go with a seven inch vinyl?
I released my last single on vinyl and people loved it, they sold really quick. I’m a big fan of vinyl myself, I love the warmth in the sound. It sucks that they’re so expensive but I think most people know how much they cost to get made and don’t mind paying a bit more.

What is the story behind the single?
I had the line “he’s grateful for the nothing that he’s got” saved in my phone and had a sad kind of tune I had been playing around with. I thought of the line while I was driving and I wrote the rest of the song around that.

The film clip is great, did you have much involvement in that?
A friend of mine Glenn directed and shot the clip. He came up with the idea of a guy that has been washed up on a remote island. The guy starring in the clip is another friend of mine who is also my guitar tech and he didn’t really need much directing. We pretty much just let him do what he wanted and it was perfect.

How would you describe your style of music?
Someone called it “Australiana Folk” and I thought that sounded pretty spot on. Maybe “Soft Australian Folk Rock” I’m not really sure, it just comes out how it does.

Are there any significant influences that have shaped your music?
Paul Kelly is a huge influence to me. I’ve always loved the way he can tell a story though song.

Are there any plans for more new music?
I wrote these two songs with my guitarist and friend Zach and we’ve been getting some new stuff ready for an album that were recording in May. We’re recording at Newmarket studios in North Melbourne. We hope to have it released around September.

What is the biggest challenge for any singer songwriter?
The biggest challenge would be trying to get heard. Theres so much going on out there its hard to cut through all the noise. It’s so easy to record and release your music now without spending much which is awesome but there alot to choose from. A bit of luck is handy too.

Best advice you’ve been given so far?
The best advice I’ve received would be enjoy yourself on stage, if the punters see you having fun they will too.

Any plans to tour Australia more extensively this year?
I’d love to play more festivals this year. We’re playing a few shows in Adelaide in June and planning to tour the album up the east coast later in the year.

What’s next for Clint Wilson?
I’ll be spending the next few months writing and getting the album ready to go into the studio.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Clint Wilson on the following date:

Sunday 11th February – Sookie Lounge – Belgrave







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