Pierce Brothers – “My Tired Mind”

I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Aussie folk music duo Peirce Brothers for the first time last November when they were supporting Tash Sultana at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, so when the chance to review their latest release came up, I jumped at the chance to experience more of their unique, passionate and somewhat energising sound.

Written by Melbourne twin brothers Jack and Patrick Peirce, the My Tired Mind EP is a high energy assortment of brilliant beats, amazing vocals and memorable tunes; it’s difficult to avoid bobbing your head or tapping your feet along to each song.

Opening the EP with a bang are the incredibly catchy tunes Follow me into the Dark and Amsterdam, both fast-paced and hugely energetic songs that are destined to get stuck in your head for days (which is definitely not a bad thing, trust me).

Slowing down the pace are Falling, Hold your Fire, Look to the Sky and Footprints and it’s easy to hear how passionate and enthusiastic about their music Jack and Patrick are, pairing nostalgic and meaningful lyrics with strong vocals and delightful melodies, they create incredible rhythms and an exceptional sound.

Closing out the EP is the inclusion of two live tracks, The Records Were Ours and Follow Me into the Dark, giving the listener a tiny taste of just how exhilarating and high energy their live shows truly are. It’s easy to see why these talented guys are becoming world renowned! Personally, I cannot wait to hear more!

Review by Maree Holmes

Pierce Brothers - My Tired Mind 1

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