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Drunk Mums return from a successful European tour with hard-hitting single Hot Flush from their new EP, Denim, and head out on tour in January. The forthcoming EP, recorded by bass player and vocalist Adam Ritchie, aka Pissfart Records, shows his skills are constantly improving sonically as can be heard in this latest wrecking ball of a track. Hot Flush has been dug up from the vaults of hell and doesn’t mess around when bringing the heat.

An exciting head bang worthy barrage of hits, Denim will be the 5th release from Drunk Mums – four tracks including previous single Ode To Death, Power Slide, Hot Flush and instant classic Kidnapped. The band drops by to answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

How did Drunk Mums bring in the New Year?
By playing our track Dirty Birmy at the cherry bar to a bunch of drunk idiots that i love to death.

Are you fully amped to be getting back in to playing shows?
Yeah it’s going to be great for the mind, bad for the liver!

How was the European tour?
Bloody mental! We really didn’t expect to have such a great turn out every night so pretty stoked with that, saw so many great cities and met fucking awesome people. Our driver got arrested in Munich though so that was a bit shit, had an anxiety attack and vomited in the street after that. Amsterdam screwed with our brains we’re never going back there haha…

What can punters expect on this tour?
Long walks on the beach, a glass of wine and a foot rub.

Are you stoked to have the Denim EP out?
Yeah great to release the other end of Leather.

How would you describe it?
A mix of 70’s Hard Rock, Punk & Modern Garage.

Who chose acid green for the vinyl release?
No-one. It was supposed to be Blue & White but there was a mix up at the plant. Doesn’t look bad though so we just ran with it.

Any plans to release any other colours?
Nope. 300 copies. 100 Green. First in best dressed

Where did the name Drunk Mums come from?
When Jake and Dean lived in Cairns they would often play at a place called Johnos Blues Bar where alot of older ladies would come and watch them play. (Fun fact Drunk Mums was actually called The Dames from the beginning YUCK!)

Biggest influence for the band?
Friendship and Scented Candles.

Are there plans for an album this year?
Yeah we’ve started writing ands thats the plan, see how we go. We also have a split coming out with spanish band NAVE NODRIZA that has a selection of songs from Leather and Denim.

Are Drunk Mums looking to conquer overseas this year?
Hopefully head back to Europe and explore different cities over there and head to New Zealand.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Drunk Mums on the following dates…

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