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Belle and Sebastian release the first instalment of their new triumvirate of EPs, How To Solve Our Human Problems. In addition, they’ve shared a new video for I’ll Be Your Pilot, the latest single taken from the EP series.

Directed by Michael Sherrington, the gently poetic video corresponds with the signature B&S artwork which accompanies the EPs, with a simple yet moving collage of individuals that echoes the spectrum of human emotion.

Recently adding an Australian leg to their busy live schedule in 2018, the band will embark on a national tour throughout May playing Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Recalling their 1997 release of three consecutive EPs, How To Solve Our Human Problems, has the timeless blend of joy and melancholy and idiosyncratic spirit that has always characterised Belle and Sebastian. A double album’s worth of music – richly melodic, deliciously literate, as gentle as a summer stream but as insistent as a river – How To Solve Our Human Problems is both an era of its own, and part of a long, rich history.

The first instalment of How To Solve Our Human Problems was released on December 8th, with the second and third following on January 19th and February 16th, respectively. The EP trilogy will culminate with a compilation CD and a vinyl box set containing all three EPs, with the option of a box just for EP3 for those who have already purchased 1 and 2.

How To Solve Our Human Problems
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Belle & Sebastian EP 1

How To Solve Our Human Problems
Part 1

1. Sweet Dew Lee
2. We Were Beautiful
3. Fickle Season
4. The Girl Doesn’t Get It
5. Everything Is Now

Belle & Sebastian EP 2

How To Solve Our Human Problems 
Part 2

1. Show Me The Sun
2. Same Star
3. I’ll Be Your Pilot
4. Cornflakes
5. A Plague On All Other Boys

Belle & Sebastian EP 3

How To Solve Our Human Problems
Part 3

1. Poor Boy
2. Everything Is Now (Part Two)
3. Too Many Tears
4. There Is An Everlasting Song
5. Best Friend

Belle and Sebastian – How To Solve Our Human Problems series of three EPs to be released December 8, January 19, February 16 via Matador / Remote Control

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