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I’ll Never Want A BF is Bec Sandridge’s most unapologetic and meatiest work to date. Nodding somewhat to the eighties, Sandridge’s theatrical vocals spill over the top of fuzzed out guitars, a gritty synth bass and hard hitting disco hi-hats. Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones) at Melbourne’s Soundpark studios and mixed by Sandridge’s previous collaborator Tony Buchen (The Preatures) in LA. Sandridge heads out on tour in support of the new single with dates in Australia, Europe and the UK. Bec answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Has 2017 felt like an absolute whirlwind?
It has definitely moved pretty darn quickly, scarily.

What moment/s have stood out most for you?
Hmm… I guess releasing something after a full year was a good moment/feeling for me. And to do it independently I feel pretty proud of it. Aside of that, moving to Melbourne was a pretty good time.

How exciting is it heading over to the UK and Europe to support your single I Never Want A BF?
I’ve always felt so at home in Scotland so I’ve literally been itching to come back over. I’ve missed it a lot. I don’t want to leave it so long next time round!

Is this the most autobiographical song you have written?
You bet.

Was it your intention to be more personal?
I don’t know if it was intentional or not. I mean. It was my intention to write something and hoped it would cut through. I wanted it to be conversational… so I guess, yes?

Are you working on an album and how is that going?
It’s going well but I’m also just taking my time and making sure everything is 100% what I want it to be. I’m working with Oscar Dawson and Burke Reid and they’re both HUGE brains. I feel very lucky.

What can you say to fans to excite them about your new songs?
I hope you like them (🤷‍♀️)

How important has it been winning Triple J’s Unearthed?
It was a pretty huge moment for me. I never really thought of myself as a singer or anything and it was nice to know some people liked what I was doing… I was in legitimate shock when I received the phone call. I think I called my Mum straight after in disbelief from Adelaide.

What can fans expect from your shows in November?
New band. New boogies. Hugs, as always. I’m very very excited.

No Adelaide or Perth? Seriously? What’s with that?
Soon soon! Sit tight- I promise.

How important is LISTEN to show goers and how did you become involved?
Safe spaces are so important. Music venues and festivals should always been all inclusive and everyone should fee comfortable. For me they need to have a no dickhead policy. Which should be a given. But yeah…

Do you still have fond memories of meeting Passenger and Stu Larsen when busking?
Of course! They’re two of the hardest working musicians I know and so lovely! I aspire to work just as hard as them every day. It requires such discipline.

What does 2018 look like for Bec Sandridge?
A debut album. A very exciting tour announce or two. And maybe a few surprises along the way… but mostly just boogie times.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Bec Sandridge on the following dates…

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