The Front Bottoms “Going Grey”

While I am suffering through a case of Influenza B. the repeated lyrics “Holy Fuck I’m about to die” comfortingly feels somewhat fitting words to hear in my life right now. You Used To Say (Holy F**k) is the opening track on The Front Bottoms Going Grey eleven track album which sets a different tone and style for the New Jersey groups latest studio release.

As I worked through the tracks multiple times I couldn’t help but take notice of different sounds not dissimilar at moments to CAKE. I feel strangely comforted yet also weirded out by the fact I have not noticed before now.

Brian Sella (vocals) run through the highs and lows of life paying tribute to life lessons, doubts and tribulations in a somewhat Front Bottoms manner.
“It doesn’t get worse, it doesn’t get better, you just get old, it lasts forever”.

Vacation Town itself seems to pay homage to the struggles after a break from day to day suit wear/daily grind, perhaps regular life after a tour has wrapped up. Considering that the band settled into writing this album after 18 months plus touring this may have something to do with the current feelings of reflection coming through.

Track titles like Don’t Fill Up On Chips, Far Drive & Bae also make me ponder if there is another nod towards tour life segregation even if only in a song name. Yes the sound has changed, there is more of a precise feel to this album, lyrics are pop punk with a clean transition into the next.

To be honest after seeing the Front Bottoms play an energetic set earlier in the year to a sold out Adelaide crowd I have to admit I am struggling to envision the same kind of live set coming out of this latest release. Perhaps next time I won’t be covered in beer and have a hard crowd surfing foot land straight into me from overhead within minutes of the set start?

Going Grey may not be regarded as a best album nevertheless, it is full of catchy tunes and before you know it you’ll probably also be singing along with the feeling like you have been doing so for years. It’s somewhat overproduced yet at the end of the day change happens, it happens to the best of us, it is inevitable after all… just like grey hair right?

Review by Kay Cann


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