Sebastian Bach @ The Gov, Adelaide 22/10/2017

There’s plenty of love for the legendary voice of Skid Row Sebastian Bach in Adelaide. It was an excitable and raucous crowd that were up for a big night of rock ‘n roll even though it was a Sunday night with many having to back up early on Monday to start the work grind for the week. Even after a six in the morning lobby call to leave Perth on a long flight to Adelaide rock city Bach still bought his best. Clearly tired that didn’t stop him playing a ripper show. Bach brings plenty of energy and intensity to the stage. It was a low key opening with a Jimi Hendrix Experience cover by way of Little Wing with Bach saying “how are you on a Sunday fucking night? I’ve been fighting with arseholes on Twitter, I’m warming up is that ok with you?”

A lot of people lost their shit hearing Breakin’ Down prompting the response from Bach “that if you like that one just wait until you hear this one” proceeding to play 18 And Life. The energy from the crowd was unreal and you can see Bach was feeding off that and there was that feeling that this show would be memorable. Everyone could sense it and so could Bach suggesting “that’s why we get on so well as we’ve been in your bedrooms and living rooms. Thanks for thirty years Radelaide”. In an awkward moment Bach said he was getting hairs stuck in his throat.

I Remember You! What a moment! What a highlight! The crowd responded singing word for word making for an awesome moment. Bach indicated that he was warmed up and good to go now, ready to “put the fucking hammer down”. If that wasn’t huge enough Slave To The Grind was enough to push fans over the edge. Big Guns and Sweet Little Sister were brilliant with Bach suggesting that “I’m so warmed up, I’m hot as fuck”.

Bach’s love the band Kiss is undeniable and a good friend of Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles was fortunate enough to meet him at the airport to give him some very collectable Australian exclusive seven inch vinyls. There is some footage of Bach losing his shit receiving this prompting a shout out suggesting that he trades records with fans to get backstage instead of blow jobs. There was a reference to the iconic Dimebag Darrell who told Bach they need to write more songs such as In A Darkened Room which is still on his juke box.

Bach asked the crowd whether they like metal with a resounding yes response and more cheering for his mention of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo then playing American Metalhead which was changed to Australian Metalhead for this tour. A note was passed up to Bach with a couple announcing their wedding and a response “pre-nup!”

Monkey Business was absolutely rocking with Bach saying he was in a pretty good mood for a Sunday and that it was his fun day working in to an impromptu Manic Monday followed by Bach wanting a vegemite sandwich which lead in to the band doing the first half of Men At Work’s Land Down Under. Asking the crowd if they want the band to do a metal version Bach said consider it done and requested the band start work on it on Monday. Youth Gone Wild was fever pitch and Bach stated clearly that rock ‘n roll is about having fun, if you’re not, quit, when you’re better start rocking again.

The band returned for an encore which featured AC/DC’s TNT and Bach’s speech is memorable reflecting on Bon Scott who said he was not AC or DC but the fucking lightning bolt in the middle. What a way to finish what was a great night of rock ‘n roll and a great few days of rock action in Adelaide rock city.

Review by Rob Lyon

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