Dune Rats, Wavves, Hockey Dad, Waax @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 27/9/2107

When Brisbane’s stoner rock trio Dune Rats come to town you know there is going to be a massive PARTY and that’s exactly what went down at The Thebarton Theatre this week. Initially billed to appear at the still not yet opened HQ, the already sold out show was upgraded to the Thebarton Theatre much to the delight of fans who missed out on initial tickets.

This is the biggest headline Adelaide show for the band who are now a favourite for festival style gigs. Packed with a solid support list the party started off strong with fellow Brisbane mates WAAX, Hockey Dad and Californian rockers Wavves. 

Personally I was excited to finally catch WAAX and front woman Marie DeVita’s vocals took me on a journey further than I imagined possible. Entertaining to watch with punchy vocals belting though, Marie was constantly on the move and the growing crowd responded.

With a setlist including 2015’s I For An Eye, brand new song titled Fame and an incredible cover of Coutney Barnett’s Pedestrian At Best which took a favourite song next level, with Marie exclaiming “she is queen, she is queen” once the song ended. The song Same Same from the bands 2017 EP Wild And Weak saw the crowds first big crowd surge of the night. I was left wanting more from WAAX and look forward to a headline show in the future.

Next up was Hockey Dad who played yet another solid set to a now full theatre despite me hearing rumours the band members were unwell. The crowd responded to the set with several mini circle pits in different locations across the floor which was great fun watching from the safety of the balcony above.

Hockey Dad powered through popular songs including several from their 2016 Boronia album. Laura, I Need A Woman, Raygun and So Tired amongst the favourites with crowd sing-a-longs. Hockey Dad are definitely one to keep an eye on and also just finished a massive tour with Grinspoon. Check em out if you haven’t already.

Wavves proved to have a huge Adelaide following with massive sing-a-longs, circle pits and mini death walls scattered through the floor crowd. Crowd favourites included Way Too Much, You’re Welcome, Daisy and Heavy Metal Detox. Wavves finished a solid set with Green Eyes that left me feeling euphoric and already itching for the next timeThe room by this time was really starting to smell strong of sweat, damp feet and many of the crowd already seemingly have found “Scott Green”.

Headliners The Dune Rats entered the hazy stage dressed in ACDC inspired suits and caps with Brett Jansch swinging and throwing a doll into the already pumped crowd. Security had a tough job on their hands as they were hit with a steady stream of crowd surfers and Giant Dunies inflatable lager cans within minutes of the set.

After a quick wardrobe change (aka ripping their suits off) the rockers belted through song after song showing they were here to party. Popular songs included but of course were not limited to 6 Pack where the crowd was split down the centre of the room, Fuck it, Don’t Talk, Buzz Kill and of course Scott Green.

This set had it all including a Giant inflatable ball of green weed, Boogie boarding band members complete with flippers. a surprise guest appearance by AB Original singing a massive rendition of Where’s Your Head At. A now famous balcony dancer and jumper who miraculously walked out of hospital the following day. I saw this from the corner of my eye and couldn’t fathom what I “thought” I saw… what the actual fuck? The show didn’t stop but I have a feeling it’s because no-one on stage saw it happen (?).

Bullshit went next level nuts and of course it didn’t end there with and encore including Colour TV and an incredible mash up of Dalai Lama mixed with Marie coming back on stage to sing a snippet of Hole’s Malibu and Frenzal Rhombs Never Had So Much Fun.

Obviously if you missed this one you missed a hell of a night in Adelaide never to be forgotten. Regret is a bitch so don’t let it happen again! The rest of the tour is SOLD OUT so if you have a ticket enjoy the ride!

Review by Kay Cann

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