AFI @ The Gov, Adelaide 12/9/2017

Its been 11 years since emo rockers AFI solo toured Australia, doing so in support of their 10th record The Blood Album. So to say they were due is an understatement.
The Adelaide show was billed to be one the first shows at the new HQ, unfortunately due to delays in construction, the show was moved and down graded size wise to The Gov.

The Gov is a brilliant small venue and the prospect of seeing one the best live acts going around in such an intimate setting was salacious. However, when you arrive and the venue is set up with chairs and tables, its generally not a great sign for ticket sales.

Whether it was the ‘school night’, lack of promotion, price point or just Adelaide, for whatever reason the punters were not out in force.

The opening acts Introvert and Basement did their thing and by the time AFI were set to hit the stage the crowd filled a little, but nowhere near what should be deserved.
You could excuse AFI for looking out at the crowd and just dialling their performance in, but this couldn’t have been further from what happened. AFI tore it up!!

Hitting the stage and ripping into Girls Not Grey set the tone and got the crowd moving. Davey, decked out in a studded “blood’ jacket stalked the stage delivering his operatic vocals with viscerallic brilliance. Then four songs in during 17 Crimes, the AFI Adelaide curse struck and like in 2006 the band lost sound. This did however deliver one of the highlights of the show as Davey turned to a cappella, covering Morrissey, then accompanied by Jade on acoustic playing The Leaving Song from Sing the Sorrow.

After a short break the technical problems were fixed and AFI returned to complete their full set. Highlights were This Celluloid Dream, Paper Airplanes and Silver and Cold… and yes I do like Sing the Sorrow!! The night was finished with fan favourite Miss Murder, which had the crowd in full voice and leaving on a high.

A lesser band might have thrown the towel in given the small crowd and technical problems, but AFI really showed their class and delivered a bloody good show!! So for those of you that missed it, bad luck!!

Review by Tim Nicholas

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  1. Miss Murder is a terrible song…ask Davey or Jade what they think about M.M…by farr not the best song on that Album. I sceen them a few times in a few places…always amazing shows you dont want to end

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