The Jungle Giants, Lastlings, Heaps Good Friends @ The Gov, Adelaide 1/9/2017

It goes without saying that The Jungle Giants are a classy outfit armed with some catchy as all hell singles and are just about unbeatable with their third album Quiet Ferocity. The full house sign was up and there was an air of anticipation that this was going to be a good gig which was even reaffirmed by lead singer Sam Hales.

The Jungle Giants have a great sound and despite all the problems of the outside world the band were encouraging their fans to smile, be happy, dance and have a great time – not an unfair request by any stretch. The band were off to a flier with She’s A Riot and Anywhere Else and the crowd knew it, the band knew it that this was going to be something to remember. Hales was pumped even encouraging fans to move their mouths and make some noise if they didn’t know the words before blasting their way through Waiting For A Sign.

With three solid albums under their belt it is no doubt a tricky one picking a set list but I definitely think they nailed it. Kooky Eyes was great and the dad joke thrown in was as bad as it gets and so much so that I had to include it in my review! What do you if you see a space man? Park in it! Boom tish! New song and the title is stellar but it’s the familiar that got the crowd excited with the likes of Devil’s Play and You’ve Got Something really did get the crowd moving. The instrumental jam In The Garage was well considered and increased the pace somewhat.

The band requested water and were passing it out as they were wanting to crank it up twenty five percent each song. New tunes Bad Dream followed by On Your Way Down went off and will no doubt feature in future shows. The band seemed quite humbled and appreciative acknowledging the crowd for their support in selling out this show and continually saying how much they were looking forward to this show.

There was no way the band were leaving The Gov without an encore returning with Used To Be In Love and Feel The Way I Do. Few would have walked away disappointed and being well served by supports Lastlings and Heaps Good Friends. The time is now for The Jungle Giants to shine as the upward trajectory looks likely to continue for some time yet.

Set list:
She’s A Riot
Anywhere Else
Skin To Bone
Waiting For A Sign
Kooky Eyes
Quiet Ferocity
Devil’s Play
You’ve Got Something
In The Garage
Bad Dream
I Am What You Want Me To Be
Every Kind Of Way
On Your Way Down

Used To Be I Love
Feel The Way I Do

Review by Rob Lyon

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