Hydrofunk Records Celebrate 20 Years

Hydrofunk Records has been delivering fresh and tasty Australian hip-hop since before the turn of this century and over the past few years have had a stack of incredible local and international artist through its doors to create, record, mix, master and/or just kick back.

Hydrofunk Records are excited and proud to continue their unique and fearlessly independent path through the world of music as they celebrate 20 Years of Hydrofunk in 2017.

With an extraordinary roster of past and present artists that includes Resin Dogs, Def Wish Cast, Ugly Duckling, Bankrupt Billionaires, Rhibosome, BreEchBoy, Red BAntoo, Triple Nip, Tigermoth, and Benjamin Walsh Hydrofunk Records has certainly forged  its place in Australian music history as officially the longest running independent Hip Hop label the nation has ever produced.

Hydrofunk have also had a whole bunch of artist and producers through HQ over the past twenty years. These include: Big AL Mawdsley, Tom Thum & Jamie, Sampology, Plutonic Lab, Delta Rigs, Abstract Rude, NFA, REMI, J Smith, Dialectrix, The Bird, Wolfmother, Tsun, Soy Dogs, Thavy, Def Wish Cast, BVA, to name a few.

To celebrate the anniversary Hydrofunk Records have some very cool projects planned for this year, including opening up shop in Japan.  To coincide with this stimulating advancement, a collaboration between Tigermoth and Uhnelly produced a limited edition Japanese release Snakecharmer which was followed by a July 2017 tour of Japan.

Most recently Hydrofunk Records have been working on releases from the likes of Calski, Bankrupt Billionaires, BreeChBoy, ‘Gifts Part 2’ from Dave (Dog) Atkins, and Resin Dogs.  There is also the likelihood of a not so secret album to drop from the Resin Dogs sleeves ready for release this year, potentially followed by a long-awaited run of shows around the country featuring Hydrofunk artists past and present.

DNO will also be dropping a few mixtapes this year, and the Benjamin Wash (Bird) solo project called ‘Remix Experiment’ will be released Friday September 8th – stay tuned for further details!

In addition to all of this exhilaration, and to top off two decades of pristine hip-hop, Hydrofunk will be dropping a dope new vinyl 7” (side A – Abstract Rude, aloBlack, Acyealone and side B – Abstract Rude, Slug, Brother Ali) with some whispers also in the wind of a potential Abstract Rude album.  Finally, there are some new-found players added to the Hydrofunk family straight outa Byron…. you gotta keep your ears to the ground for this….

Stand by for twenty years of Hydrofunk hip-hop coming at ya!

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