Sarah McLeod “Giants” Single Tour

Sarah McLeod’s highly anticipated first solo release in 12 years ROCKY’S DINER is officially out via Kobalt and is available for pre-order here. To celebrate, The ARIA Award winning, platinum-selling artist has just announced the first run of dates on her massive national tour. The epic ROCKY’S DINER tour will run from October right through to November, and will showcase her newest work which marks a radical change of creative gears for Sarah.

McLeod created the album in near-complete isolation during a three-month stint in New York. She bunkered down in the bitter cold, watching the world go by outside her Brooklyn apartment, finding her muse in watching the lives of locals.

“I took my whole studio set up in a Samsonite hard case… There was zero room for clothes except for what I was wearing, I figured I’d buy more clothes when I got there. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere so I didn’t need much, the lack of party attire would hopefully eliminate any temptation to party, I was here to work.”  – Sarah Mcleod

Her first single off the album, Giants, was released with a beautiful video, with the treatment written by Sarah herself.

Following her huge achievements as the front woman of South Australian rock-band The Superjesus, she made her first move as a solo artist in 2005 with her debut album BEAUTY WAS A TIGER. Now, she continues this exciting journey with ROCKY’S DINER.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Sarah perform live!

Sarah McLeod Single Tour

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