Winter Gypsy Announces Tour Dates & New Video

Dreamy indie darlings, The Winter Gypsy have today announced their new single, Bojke (prounouced ‘boy-ke’), a wistful and perceptive ode to a beloved family dog.  The song is accompanied by a thoughtful, haunting clip featuring two masked friends, produced in collaboration with Gerard Wood from New Era Media (Timberwolf).  To celebrate the new release, The Winter Gypsy will be hitting the road to play The World Bar (Syd) on June 23, The Grace Darling (Melb) on July 7 and Exeter Hotel (Ade) on July 8.

Bojke is the perfect follow up to the band’s debut EP Page I.  Considered, intricate and unassumingly memorable, Bojke sweeps broadly, swells and disappears into the ether, gently lulling the listener back down to earth.  Evocative of Fleet Foxes and The Paper Kites, this is indie folk done right; soaking guitars, gentle drums and humble harmony surround the lead vocal as it floats assuredly above it all.

Reflecting on the track, lead vocalist Tushar Singh says, “The title is an ode to our bassist and his brother’s dog who passed away this year; her name was Bojke.  At the time, I had written out these lyrics in a narrative sense, not necessarily written about anyone in particular.  The song had absolutely no relation to me, but I could feel that it could relate to someone else.  A few weeks after I wrote the song, Bojke had passed away.  I instantly linked Bojke to the lyrics in this song and it was strange but so fitting as to how much these lyrics I had written weeks in advance had related to the incident.  I asked the two brothers if I could name the song after her, and they said yes.”

The clip for Bojke is in keeping with the theme established in the bands’ previous video Took Me By; two friends spend routine time together, during which everything is normal except for the fact that they are masked.  Then, suddenly – two becomes one.  Tush explains, “The video clip is based on two friends or two siblings, if you will.  The entire clip is demonstrating a bond or friendship between the pair, and it follows the two masked people hanging out casually; almost as if you were watching their day to day life.  Everything flows smoothly until the climax.  You no longer notice two people, you only see one; which in my mind, portrays the death of someone.  This is the part of the clip where it confirms the connection of Bojke and their owners, Olly and Isaac.  You never know when you might lose someone close to you.  The masks used in the clip was to keep the creepy, eerie, but still intriguing visual going from the previous video clip, Took Me By, seeing as we used the same masks in that video too.  We’d love to essentially make a connecting world out of our music videos.”

Audiences can gain exclusive access to the special world of The Winter Gypsy on the upcoming east coast tour.  Thrilled to be heading out for some interstate shows, Tush enthuses, “We like to bring a bit more to our live performances than you hear in our recordings.  We definitely are more upbeat at our live shows, and you can expect trumpet, soaring instrumentals and a range of vibes.  We’re very excited for our next tour!”

Bojke is out now.


Fri 23 Jun – The World Bar, Kings Cross, Sydney
Fri 7 Jul – The Grace Darling, Collingwood, Melbourne
Sat 8 Jul – Exeter Hotel Beer Garden, Adelaide

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