Meg Mac Announces “Low Blows”

Fresh from the release of her keenly anticipated new single Low Blows comes the announcement of the release of Meg Mac’s debut album of the same name on July 14, along with key tour dates for Melbourne and Sydney.

Low Blows the album is a powerful set of dynamic, deep soul, exhortations that have an all-enveloping atmosphere and presence, distinctly and uniquely MEG MAC.  It was recorded at the Niles City Sound Studio in Fort Worth, Texas with additional production at Electric Lady in New York where the album was also mixed.

The Niles City Sound team (Austin Jenkins, Josh Block and Chris Vivon) produced, co-wrote and played on Leon Bridges album Coming Home. Meg had previously met Leon and Austin on the road and talked about the possibility of working together. So when she was working out of LA she decided to fly to Fort Worth to check out their studio. The connection was immediate; after spending the day with them working on a song Meg decided to book in to record her album.

Meg wanted to keep the recording focus simple with an emphasis on capturing a live great vocal performance, driven by a dynamic rhythm section and punctuated by her piano.

“I played a lot of piano on the album – Austin Jenkins, Josh Block, Robert Ellis and Sarab Singh added guitars, keys and bass and drums. Overall I wanted it to really feel like I was just singing in the room to you. So a lot of the vocal performances are live and unedited, it is hard to leave mistakes on a record but I think it was important to do that”.

Meg moved to Electric Lady in Greenwich Village NYC to finish the record, where John O’Mahony did some additional production and mixed the record.

Meg says “I had obviously heard a lot of stories about Electric Lady, so much has happened in that place and so much great music has been made there. One of the songs on the album is just me playing piano and singing and we recorded it downstairs in the big studio. It has these amazing murals of aliens and space, I just look at these painting while singing – I was by myself in the room ready to sing – John tells me the story of the ghost that lives there so I sang the whole song a little bit spooked!” (Shiny Bright).

Two additional songs were recorded with members of Australian band The Panics with drummer Myles Wootton producing. “When I got home from America, I had one more song I wanted to put on the album and I had this whole new idea for a song I’d previously recorded in the Fort Worth. The very last thing I did on the album was the vocal on ‘Brooklyn Apartment’ in Myles’ bedroom in Fitzroy.”

Meg Mac will commence a US tour early in June, playing New York’s iconic Bowery Ballroom before heading to markets like Chicago and San Francisco, with an appearance at Firefly Festival and winding up in LA.  She then heads home to Australia to play one-off shows in Melbourne and Sydney.
MMAC 004 - Meg Mac Tour A2 Poster

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