Max Australian Tour

The multi-talented pop-soul singer/model/actor and dancer MAX will be heading to Australia for the first time this September!

Born and bred in New York, MAX began honing his powerful chops at the tender age of three and by the age of 14 landed his first agent and spent his teenage years writing for Disney shows as well as starring in the Nickelodeon series, How To Rock. Since then the prolific MAX has released three stellar albums and a handful of EPs.

MAX’s devoted fan base means he has an incredibly strong social media presence with over 2 million followers across his platforms. MAX’s current single Lights Down Low from his latest album Hell’s Kitchen Angel, has over 70 million streams, breaking him into the mainstream conscious.

Most recently, MAX has become highly sought after from some of today’s hottest electronic artists including 3lau, Flux Pavilion, Whethan, and Sweater Beats.

MAX’s alter ego, a dance / electronic duo PARTY PUPILS, will also be making an appearance during his Australian tour. PARTY PUPILS will bring their vibrant energy, colour, and funky party tunes. This futuristic funk group just wants to make you dance!

Don’t miss MAX’s first ever Australian tour!

Max Australian Tour

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