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San Cisco are on top of the world at the moment with the release of their third album Water and to top that off they start their tour off in Adelaide on Thursday night. Singer and guitarist Jordi Davieson answered a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about the album and tour.

Congratulations on the album, what did you think when you played the final master back for the first time?
Thank you! I had many thoughts but I think the first was “ok I wonder how this is going to go down, I think its good but what will the rest of the world think?”…. that’s probably the most exciting thing about writing music, observing peoples reactions to it.

Was there that feeling you nailed it and high fives all round?
There where definitely some high fives but I’m not sure if it was because we thought we nailed it haha.

Was album number three easier to conceive and was the direction clear in your own mind in terms of what you wanted to do with it?
The direction was clear and the same as our previous efforts, we wanted to make a very good collection of well put together songs. As you can imagine (like most things in life)  the hard bit was arriving at that end goal.

How much do you think the San Cisco sound has changed from your debut album? Hooks, Jangly guitar, our voices and a “poppy” sound with a darker subject matter are all elements that are still very prominent in our music but I would like to think that we have matured some what over the years. both musically and personally.

What sorts of music were you listening to in the lead up to start the creative process and recording of the album? Did that influence the process?
I think I was listening to Blond by Frank Ocean on repeat, I don’t think that really influenced the record though. I find we draw inspiration and ideas from all different genres and time periods.

Do you feel the pressure now to write catchy singles that will chart?
I do feel a little pressure, not so much to write songs that will chart but more just to write a good song that will make people feel something when they listen to it.

Three albums in now does it feel a little weird not being the new kids on the block?
It actually does feel quite strange. I also feel very fortunate for having the chance to move on from the new kids on the block.

Are you looking forward to touring this album and is the focus mostly on the new album? Any cool covers in store?
Very much so. like I said earlier, there is nothing better then taking new songs on the road and seeing how people have connected with them and which lyrics get sung back to you the loudest.

What’s your favourite/most embarrassing tour story from Adelaide?
Last time we played The Gov we where kicking the footy (AFL) behind the venue with the guys from Methyl Ethel  and a man came out of his house yelling profanities and wielding a machete. To be fair it was 2am.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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