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At the minute Mashd N Kutcher are hot property and one of the most buzzed about bands going round. In just nine days, 5.2 Million people have watched this hilarious video of Mashd N Kutcher trolling their audiences.  Mid-set, they play a track which features a drop and as anticipation builds, another track starts in its place, a random, much lower intensity & unexpected track.  This video has reached media all over the world and since forming in 2013 Mashd N Kutcher videos have passed one billion views across social media platforms which is incredible for any artist.

New single Pretend featuring Park Avenue is out now and the guys are currently touring Australia before heading to the U.S, back to Australia & then Europe. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles was fortunate to do a Q&A with the duo.

It must be a great feeling in the band with how well the single Pretend is doing?
Yeah it’s great, also for the singer too who is based in Carolina in the US, pretty cool for him to hear his voice on radio

When you see how many times it has been viewed along with your other songs do you feel like pinching yourself?
Sometimes but we work hard so it’s nice to see it paying off

Is it hard to keep a lid on things knowing that you’re one of the most buzzed about acts going round at the minute?
We’re good at keeping secrets… hehe

Do you have a hands on approach to making the videos giving how important they are in reaching music fans around the world?
Take risks break rules and have fun!

Can you believe how much work goes in to a music video?
It’s insane hey, huge team and everyone plays a role.

How did the collaboration come about with Park Avenue?
Met him over the wonderful world of Facebook and kept in touch for three years eventually we got around to it, haha!

What do you look for in a collaboration?
People who share exciting ideas as we do and we click with I guess

Who would you like to work with in the future and why?
Bon Jovi. Because why not.

What is considered to be “normal” in EDM?
Normal usually means boring or predictable, haha none of that thanks!

Where do you think you’ll take the concept of a mashup to next?
The idea of mashing up more than two songs at once is exciting would be cool to see how far we can push it

No Adelaide on this tour, what’s with that?
Haha! We’ve played Adelaide probably about once a month consistently for the past 6 months, haha thanks to our friends at Dog ‘n Duck… probably time we gave the poor locals a break! Jks back soon

What are the plans for Mashd N Kutcher beyond this tour?
Might start a cooking show. Seriously tho. We’ve discussed it a lot.

Mashd N Kutcher are on tour now…

Mashd N Kutcher World Tour Poster

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