Hunters & Collectors, Baby Animals @ Clipsal 500, Adelaide 4/3/2017

By day all the high octane motor action was track side and by night all the attention switched to the Clipsal 500 After Race Concerts where rev heads carried on the festivities and of course more drinking well in to the night. The Saturday action featured two of Australia’s finest live acts Hunters & Collectors and The Baby Animals. This was another well put together production and a line up that gelled with the rev heads but still offered plenty to others looking to see a good night of Australian rock music.

It didn’t take long for the crowd to build up and wait in anticipation for what was about to unfold. The Baby Animals took to the stage right on time working their way through a long intro to the big single One Word. There were lots of fist pumps and beers in the air in acknowledgement that hey I know this song and some of the words. It was definitely one of many fuck yeah moments in their set. The rocked up Ain’t Gonna Get is just awesome and always whips up the excitement in the crowd.

Painless was dedicated to one of the drivers who took lead singer Suze Demarchi on a hot lap of the Adelaide street circuit and described this torture as the best three minutes she has ever had. Demarchi also commented that “for a bunch of rev heads, you’re very polite”. So many great singles played including Break My Heart, Rush You, One Too Many and finishing up on Early Warning.

Hunters & Collectors were up next and are a massive drawcard for Clipsal 500 with rumour a buzz that this may be the last time we’ll see this iconic band. Time will time but let’s hope there are more live shows to come. Their sound was pretty good despite a thumping bass sound but opening with Talking To A Stranger there was that feeling that this show was going to be a belter. Mark Seymour said that the noise might of stopped but we’ve just started then saying the next tune will take you back to Broken Hill, not far from Adelaide proceeding to rock in Inside A Fireball.

It was back to familiar ground with True Tears Of Joy then going back two decades to play This Morning off Human Frailty. I reckon the best quote I’ve heard in quite a while was when Seymour said “I’m landless in a sea of confusion” in reference to the lights being down and not able to see enough to tune his guitar. Where Do You Go was popular as was Say Goodbye. The song that has stood the test of time and is just popular now as it was back in 1993 was Holy Grail. It was one of those golden moments of the night typifying mateship and galvanising groups together in something quite positive and uplifting.

It really felt that the night was only getting going when the main set finished with the awesome tunes When The River Runs Dry and Do You See What I See? For the diehard Hunters & Collectors fans the encore was a feast for the senses going back to their debut playing Skin Of Our Teeth and off 1983’s The Jaws Of Life the tunes 42 Wheels and the night closer Betty’s Worry Or The Slab featured. Throw Your Arms Around Me was just a great moment and definitely one of those take home memories of the show. Great night, let’s hope there’s more from Hunters & Collectors.

Live Review by Rob Lyon


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