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S Club 3 featuring originals Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Tina Barrett are pushing on with the show and heading to Australia to join the tour with B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and East 17. The focus of this interview for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles with Bradley McIntosh was this Australian tour and some of the highlights of being in S Club 7 as he explains.

Exciting times knowing that the Australian tour starts February?
Do you know what, it has gone so fast, unbelievable!

Can you believe the reaction from Australian fans towards this tour?
I have absolutely no idea about the reaction from Australian fans has been like. I tend not to go on social media that much anyway. The only way I find out is through you guys and when I get there.

It must feel like a two week party than a working trip?
Yeah, our plans are to do some shopping, enjoy the sun a bit, we’re hoping it is hot, it’s hot right [Yes!] I live in England and I went out to my car a short while ago and it is all iced up so anything is better than here. There goes my stage outfit! We’re really looking forward to coming, we were there four or five years ago which was a really good time. I can’t wait. We’ve bumped in to all these bands over the years and the only band who I have only met once or twice is East 17 as they were a bit more early nineties than S Club. We’re all older now so we all get along peacefully.

Do you get nostalgic when you sing all these hit singles and now seeing the next generation of fans coming through?
It is surprising when you see the younger crowds because they were probably not born or really young when our songs came out back in the day. It’s the same thing for me getting in to Elvis, Stevie Wonder and early Jackson Five who my parents passed on to me. Those good songs have always been floating around. We keep it really simple, it’s for the fans and having a good time. When we go out there and perform it, it is always about our fans enjoying it. We have a great time on stage and feel the energy from the audience. If they have a good time we’ll have a good time.

Being a bit older do you appreciate more the experiences and spoils that being in S Club brings?
Totally, one hundred percent! We’re lucky enough to have songs so that people still want to come and see us for the last thirteen or fourteen years now. Even when S Club broke up as a band people and the fact that people still want to book us and bring us to Australia is a massive bonus for us. The worst could have been like, um I don’t want to mention any names, let’s say Milli Vanilli! Hey, I’m a big Milli Vanilli fan even though they did mime their songs, their songs were good.

Do you think the songs were better back then or are they better now?
Um, I think one thing about our music is nostalgic to a group of people from a certain era. If you grew up in the nineties with S Club, B*Witched and Atomic Kitten it is always going to be close to your heart. The people who are listening to the stuff today is going to be just as relevant to them. I think older music has a longer life span than today’s music only because music is so much more disposable. I feel it isn’t as precious as it used to be in that you only had a select amount of artists available at one time.

Now you have hundreds and hundreds songs at your finger tips, you don’t necessarily have to buy an album but just buy one single from an artist whereas back in the day people really invested in a band or an artist and bought their albums. These days there are so many artists and you buy their single one minute while it’s good and a month or so it is on to the next.

Being in S Club were you ever prepared for how much your life would change being in the spotlight?
No, I was absolutely clueless. I was a really happy go lucky guy being the class clown at school. Everything was always a joke to me back in the day when I was a kid. I came out of school and actually wanted to work at Burger King instead of going to college. I wanted to know what it is was like being behind the counter of a fast food restaurant making burgers, I found it fascinating. Obviously it was only temporary because I went on to pizza after that. It was amazing and I had a great time. Above all I have always been a fan of music and I knew I would always end up in music. My mum is a singer and has worked with a lot of big name artists and my dad is a music producer as well. He has done a lot of stuff for television so I knew I would always venture in to music.

I don’t take anything too serious and I like doing what I do and never really cared too much for fame. It was always about the love for what I’m doing, making music and I love singing. The music I listen to as a kid growing up and what it did for me, what I felt and the feelings I got from music like my first relationship has a real power to it. I listen to a song now that I loved when I was ten years old that song can literally transport me back to the ten year old me. I always wanted to have that power in me and that I could do that for someone else.

When you look back what is the biggest achievement that stands out for you?
The performance for the Queen is definitely one of them, we got to meet her. It was the Queen’s fiftieth jubilee and we performed with Brian May, Cliff Richard, Phil Collins who performed one of Cliff Richard’s songs. We had Brian May on guitar, who crazy is that? We performed for the Queen and a massive celebrity crowd. Afterwards we went in to the palace in a big private room with these massive high ceilings and all these great historic paintings. The girls from S Club literally surrounded Prince William and Prince Harry flattering their eye lids, chatting them up whilst I was really nervous.

To get a drink it was a long walk from one hall to another and I didn’t want to go by myself and on the way Prince Charles stopped us and asked whether we enjoyed this evening. He said it was great seeing us up there and it was a great performance, welcome to the palace and all this. I’m thinking to myself damn! This is the actual Prince talking to a little south London boy from a normal working class family background so for me it was keep it real simple. That’s my whole life keep it real simple and even when I wasn’t in S Club I was with my friends playing FIFA, Xbox, Play Station and kicking the ball.

How much work goes in to the dance steps and the whole show dynamic?
This time we really worked hard on vocals and made sure we had all of our harmonies right and now that we are older we didn’t want to stop dance routines either. I felt the dance routines were harder this time round and we had these stair cases which we were running up and down still trying to hit those high notes. It was great, it kept us fit, it was tough but we take all that seriously. People pay their money to come and see us perform on tour and we want to put on a great show not selling ourselves short either. We are true entertainers and we put in one hundred and fifty percent in. We want people to enjoy what we do and not go out there and mime.

Interview by Rob Lyon

B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, S Club 3, East 17 – 2017 Australian Tour Dates:

Wednesday 8th February – Adelaide– Thebarton Theatre

Thursday 9th February – Melbourne – Festival Hall

Friday 10th February – Melbourne – 170 Russell – SOLD OUT

Saturday 11th February –Sydney – Big Top

Sunday 12th February – Sydney– Big Top

Tuesday 14th February – Newcastle – NEX Wests City

Wednesday 15th February – Hobart – Wrest Point

Friday 17th February – Gold Coast – Jupiters Theatre

Saturday 18th February – Brisbane – Eatons Hill


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