Keep an eye out for emerging and exciting new talent Freia who sets her sights on bigger and better things in 2017. Who? Freia’s music is tribal-influenced electro and just think across between and Kiesza with an indie-pop but with a European twist. Ahead of her first major release later this year Freia’s introduction to the world is her slick cover of The Weeknd’s Starboy as a track that has already gained her industry recognition, leading to a collaboration with number one artist Kungs. Freia gives an insight to her music through a Q&A with Hi Fi Way:The Pop Chronicles.

It must be exciting times ahead in 2017 for yourself, have you started setting some goals of what you want to achieve or do you take it as it comes?
I always set many goals of what I want to achieve, because dreaming every day makes me work really hard in order to get where I want to be. So, now that my first album is done, I dream that 2017 will be an amazing year for my career!

It must be exciting for you with new releases planned for this year?
Yes! I can’t wait to see the feedback!

Will a good chunk of the year be spent continuing to get the name out there? Do you plan to tour and if so, where would you like to visit?
Releasing my debut single in February will be the first step in getting my name out there. After that, I’ll go with the flow & of course that we’ll be planning a tour! Honestly, I would love to go anywhere & everywhere! I love to travel.

How has the reception been to your cover of The Weeknd’s Starboy? Did you think it would get so much attention from around the world?
Quba, my producer, and I made it just for fun. We loved the original song & thought that we could make an awesome tribal-style Freia version.

How did your collaboration with Kungs come about?
Actually, I met Kungs when I and Quba went to London to record the song. Before that, he sent me a demo and we had a couple of days to make the lines and the lyrics. I am so happy that we made this collaboration! He is an amazing young producer!

What did you learn from working with him?
Work hard, stay focused & enjoy the journey – you’ll get there!

How would you describe the sound of FREIA to Australian music fans?
I describe my music as a unique pop, electro with tribal sounds.

What is the most challenging part of writing/ recording for you?
I started writing lyrics a few years ago, but it was kinda just for fun and it was tricky for me at first to write down my emotions. The moment I started my first independent music project (Freia) was actually the moment when I felt free to express my feelings. So, now it’s just fun!

How does the creative process work?
Quba is my partner helping make the music that inspires and represents me – and that’s because he knows me so well. The creative process starts in my head when I hear an idea from him and my mind just writes down the feelings born from those sounds.

What about your creative vision – do you have an idea for a video/ visuals as soon as you finish a track? Or do you find inspiration elsewhere?
Usually, we have ideas about the video the moment we start writing a song.

Is it too early to start thinking about an album and what you might/ might not do?
I’m very happy that my first album is ready – since last year, actually. We’re thinking about adding more songs on it just because we’re continuously making music.

What do you want the FREIA live show to be like?

Any plans to come to Australia some point?
I would absolutely love to!

What is the most exciting part of the journey ahead for you?
The most exciting part is that I finally get to see that what I have been wishing for since I was a little kid is becoming true.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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