Justice & Trainwreck “Change History”

On the wild frontier of comedy, two queer cowboys looked longingly into each other’s eyes and decided to change history…

Dwayne Justice and Jake Trainwreck are JUSTICE & TRAINWRECK. The only thing greater than their love of historical re-enactments is their love for each other. But they are terrible actors.

Between sketch, clown and cowboys all they want to do is kiss each other. This becomes a problem when they re-enact public histories: Princess Diana’s car crash, JFK’s assassination, and the planes flying into the Twin Towers. And even more of a problem when they act out their own personal histories: Jake coming out to his Dad (played by Dwayne in this re-enactment), Dwayne lusting after his imaginary girlfriend.

They will unknowingly trespass on the sanctity of historical events with all the glee of a horny puppy with a teddy bear. After a successful MIDSUMMA FESTIVAL season this much loved duo from queer comedy ensemble Po Po Mo Co (post post modern comedy) bring queer comedy to Adelaide: JUSTICE & TRAINWRECK CHANGE HISTORY.

Justice & Trainwreck play at The Producers, 235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide from March 4-19 (no shows on Mondays) at 9pm. Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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