Spiderbait Supports Announced

Wow! Spiderbait’s upcoming Ivy & The Big Apples tour in March promises to be an absolute ripper made even better by the list of supports for each show. The Aussie rock veterans have picked a wicked blend of legends to the up and comers.

The tour roll includes:

  • Bitch Diesel
  • Grinding Eyes
  • Lazeritis
  • The Cherry Dolls
  • The Living Eyes
  • Jelly Mammoth
  • The Meanies
  • Screamfeeder
  • The Love Junkies
  • The Tommyhawks
  • Thigh Master
  • Charlie Rebel
  • Numbskulls
  • Blush Response
  • Stabbitha
  • The Knifey Wifeys
  • Bansheeland
  • Jax & The Wayward

All we can say is get a ticket while you still can or if there’s any left…



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