At The Movies: Bring Him To Me

Still Photography on the set of "Bring him to me"

When armed and masked thieves enter an antiques / art shop owned by Frank (Sam Neill), they are told in no uncertain terms that nobody has robbed him since he started business forty years earlier. It’s only after his son is held at gunpoint that Frank reluctantly opens the safe and hands over a large bag of money. After telling his assailants that he will hunt them down and kill them, he is brutally beaten before the thieves make their getaway.

The Driver (Barry Pepper) is contacted by their boss to bring her the young rookie of the gang. In this film he is only known as Passenger (Jamie Costa) – the unwritten code that they don’t use names. We learn that it was Passenger’s first job and he hopes to provide a comfortable life for his estranged wife and young daughter. Unfortunately the bag taken in the heist was $25,000 short and they suspected the youngster.

Driver tries to convince them that all the money was there and perhaps it was Leon, the other robber, who also nearly bashed Frank to death – had it not been for Passenger who stopped him.

Through the long drive, in Driver’s treasured muscle car, Passenger kept asking where they were going but not getting a firm reply. Because the heist was against a crime boss, Driver is always alert for the inevitable tails. There are some false alarms, an awkward moment with the police, and the expected chase by a couple of armed motor cyclists.

However, as Driver gets to know Passenger, he is in a dilemna. As they get closer to their destination he knows he is leading the youngster to a not-so-happy ending. The movie is filled with tense moments throughout, especially when they finally meet up with the boss, Veronica (Rachel Griffiths). If you are a fan of action dramas, then this is worth a visit to the cinema. My partner was captivated by it, and she hates action movies!!

Movie Review by John Glennie

Screening in cinemas around Adelaide from November 2, 2023

Rating: MA 15+
Running Time: 90 minutes

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