Patrick Wilson Goes Track By Track On New Album ‘It’ll Be Alright’

When he’s not driving the backbeat or serving six string duties for some of Melbourne’s best alt-country ensembles, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and former butcher Patrick Wilson is busy crafting his own brand of authentic electrified country rock ‘n’ roll

On It’ll Be Alright, the deep feeling writer steps into the spotlight with a collection of tunes that showcase his sweet tenor and keen songcraft. Wilson’s advanced ear for melody, his understanding of the heritage of the country inspired form and his access to players that bring an authentic and deft swagger to the material are the foundations to this impressive and assured debut release.

Wilson feels the entire album to be, “self-reflective,” and an honest exploration into the grieving process associated with the demise of relationships and the “coping mechanisms within that.” He mentions that when considering the songs as a whole collection on a theme, there are multiple references to “drug use, drinking, loss and self-reflection on interactions with past lovers,” which suggests a referencing of past shortcomings to perhaps find a better way forward.

Patrick takes Hi Fi Way through the album track by track…

Leave My Love
“Leave My Love is self-reflective and an honest exploration into the grieving process associated with the demise of relationships and the coping mechanisms within that.”

Here Comes Another One
“This was produced with Melbourne musician Alex O’Gorman in the height of lockdown, we chipped away at the song whenever we could get in the studio, it calls out the fickle and flawed music game.”

Other Side Of The Line
“This one is from the perspective of someone who is caught in a love triangle and is glad about breaking up the other two”, Wilson shares. It’s about, “being there for the person you really want to be with, but knowing they are going through a really hard time breaking it off with somebody else to be with you.”

Don’t Hurry

“More of a cry for help, but it’s also about that classic male trope where you say, ‘don’t worry about me, I’m fine, I’ll be ok and I won’t tell you about it, I’ll just bottle it down. The sort of attitude to mental health.”

“Medicine is about the excuse to exercise our rights to seek solace, it’s the fastest path to enlightenment. Tonics and medicines are markers, signifiers of time passing as we go through it. We expect the instant gratification and healing that comes with our self-diagnosed medicine.”

Coffee Song
“I was standing in line at a local coffee shop, not feeling particularly great about himself“. He continues, “I peer around the person in front of me and see my ex-partner who I hadn’t seen in years. Instead of the normal reaction of saying ‘oh hey, how are you going?’ and getting through it, for some reason I just freaked out and pretended to look for my keys! So, I turn around and walk straight back out the door, and double over thinking thank God that’s over, right in front of a huge window looking into the café, and I just know she saw me do that.”

Bathtub Gin
“I was listening to a lot of Marty Robbins at the time, and I wrote this after a house concert I did in Agnus Waters in Queensland. This guy had us on his farm and he’d made his own rum and gin, and we got absolutely tanked, I was bathtub gin, he had literally made it in a bathtub. So, after nursing a week long hangover I came up with this song putting myself in the shoes of an outlaw”.

All You Could Do
“I don’t remember when I wrote this, but I was probably listening to a lot of people talking about how shit men were and thinking, ‘yeah they are the fucking worst!’ I think it comes from the perspective of falling for this horrible shit head, who wasn’t living up to the expectations they promised, and all this other person could do was cry about it.”

It’ll Be Alright
“I guess this is about death and how you’ll be remembered. Your legacy and your final hours, though perhaps not that finite. I guess it’s about reassurance, you know, ‘just tell me it will be alright,’ cos I know it’s fucked. It’s that reflection of I know what it’s like, and you know what it’s going to be like, but let’s just lie to each other for a little bit.”

Patrick Wilson’s It’ll Be Alright is out now…

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