Wallis Bird 2024 Australian Tour

In a stirring testament to self-discovery, the Irish native, Berlin-based WALLIS BIRD, returns to Australia in January 2024 for her fourth Australian tour.

Bird is set to once again enrapture audiences with her unique and heartfelt music. The pandemic may have interrupted her 2022 touring plans, but the intervening time has been anything but quiet for this international award-winning artist.

For over a decade, Bird has mesmerized listeners around the globe, boasting more than 1000 shows under her belt. Her remarkable achievements include two Irish Meteor Awards, a nomination for the Irish Choice Music Prize, a prestigious 2017 German “Musikautorenpreis” award, and even a nomination for musician of the year by Ireland’s legendary music magazine Hot Press. The Irish Times aptly noted her onstage energy could ‘kickstart an entire economy’. Such is the vitality and passion Bird brings to her live shows.

In 2022, Bird unveiled her seventh studio album, HANDS – arguably her most personal and experimental creation yet. The album turns the spotlight inwards, delving into deeply personal issues such as trust, alcohol abuse, stagnation, and self-improvement, framed by moments from the last two tumultuous years. But while the themes might be heavy, every song is uplifted by Bird’s voice, which is suffused with joy, ingenuity, and an undeniable empathy.

One can’t discuss HANDS without understanding its profound significance. The album cover reveals a hand missing a little finger — a testament to Bird’s childhood accident where she lost her fingers to a lawnmower. “Four were reconnected. One was lost. This led me to relearn how to hold things, and, when the time came, to play the guitar differently,” Bird reflects. It’s a profound emblem of her life’s journey and a powerful symbol of her defiance and resilience.

Since the release of HANDS, Bird has been on a whirlwind tour across Europe, the USA, and the UK, collecting rave reviews along the way. Before the pandemic, her solo tours in Australia in 2016, 2017, and 2019, including an unforgettable 12-hour charity concert in Melbourne, left an indelible mark. Her electrifying performances left the AU Review “blown away” and set Double J (ABC) in a “cracker of a mood”.

Tickets for all shows: www.troubadourpresents.com

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